Burning Secrets of a Lady’s Pen

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Imelda Merritt, a spirited young woman with a passion for writing, finds herself thrust into the spotlight when her work catches the eye of a renowned literary critic known only by his pen name. As their professional relationship blossoms into a forbidden romance, Imelda is swept into a whirlwind of emotions with this tempting man whose mysterious past holds the key to her deepest desires…

With a shocking betrayal threatening to tear her heart apart, she must find the strength to forge her own path and reclaim her destiny.

Baron Corin Langford, a respected literary critic known only by his pseudonym Prospero, is instantly captivated by Imelda’s raw talent and fierce independence. But, as he becomes entangled in a scandalous affair with the very writer he’s sworn to critique, he risks everything he holds dear. Haunted by his past and torn between duty and desire, Corin must confront the truth of his feelings for Imelda before it’s too late.

Will he find the strength to break free from the chains of his own making and claim the love he so desperately craves?

As Imelda and Corin’s passionate love grows, their bond is tested in ways they never imagined and they must face scandal and adversity. When a deadly duel threatens to separate them forever, they will join forces to confront their shared enemy and protect the love that binds them together. Will they emerge victorious, or will they be torn apart by forces beyond their control?

“Burning Secrets of a Lady’s Pen” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Passion Behind her Mask

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By day, Lady Violet Sinclaire embodies the epitome of grace and propriety, but in the moonlit hours, she transforms into the enigmatic Fencing Shadow. As a master swordswoman, with a blade as swift as her resolve, she seeks justice for her brother’s untimely demise, navigating the dangerous world of clandestine duels and hidden identities. However, the return of an unexpected face from the past brings with it the return of old feelings, long forgotten, leading to unforeseen passion…

What if her fiery heart proves to be more vulnerable than her carefully guarded façade?

Sebastian McNaird, a decorated soldier raised to the nobility, returns from the continent with a moral duty to uncover the tragic mystery surrounding his adopted family. Little does he know that his journey will intertwine with Lady Violet’s, the tempting woman he once left behind. Irresistibly drawn to her strength and allure, he will witness a passionate duel of hearts, one fueled by the sparks of old affections and unspoken desires. Soon, he becomes both her protector and confidant, igniting a flame that can burn them both.

Can he teach her that love is a force more powerful than revenge?

United in a common struggle against the shadows of the past, Lady Violet and Sebastian find themselves dancing on the edge of lust and danger. In a society where hidden identities and blackmail threaten their every move, they must find a way to unveil the truth behind Violet’s brother’s demise. Will burning love triumph over the shadows of vengeance, or will the flames of their desires be extinguished by the secrets that bind them?

“Passion Behind her Mask” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Governess’ Forbidden Flame

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Lady Amelia Wycliffe, once esteemed governess, faces an unexpected upheaval when her position in the Davenport family dissolves. Embracing an uncertain future, she accepts a new role at Ravenscroft Manor, a place tinged with mysterious deaths. Stepping into the foreboding estate, Amelia meets the brooding Earl of Ravenscroft, sole guardian of his spirited niece, and is immediately taken by him. As she wrestles with tempestuous attraction, she uncovers chilling secrets within the manor’s façade.

Can she endure this perilous dance of passion and deception?

Sebastian Blackthorn, the enigmatic Earl of Ravenscroft, sequestered for three years, shunning the ton and its gossip. In a desperate search for a governess for his niece, he invites Lady Amelia, an alluring beauty with a humble background, to interview for the governess position. However, Sebastian grapples with the instant attraction he feels for Amelia, fearing the consequences of his emotions. As he delves into her background and the rumors surrounding her departure from her previous post, he discovers a connection intensifying their magnetic pull.

Will he succumb to lust or will family shadows deter him from love?

Amelia and Sebastian’s burgeoning romance faces its greatest challenge as they unearth the hidden library in Ravenscroft Manor. Together, they discover ancient documents that reveal a shocking truth about Sebastian’s deceased brother. Will their connection withstand the wicked forces conspiring against them, or will the pursuit of justice unravel the delicate threads of their forbidden romance?

“A Governess’ Forbidden Flame” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Scars of a Passionate Revenge

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In a world where love is a rare treasure, Alice will settle for nothing less than a passionate connection. While her heart bears the scars of her mother’s loss, her greatest fear is that her stepmother will try to force her to marry a man who could never ignite her soul. However, a chance encounter with a tempting stranger in the garden at a ball changes her life forever. Is he truly a stranger, though? As childhood memories resurface, his gaze reveals no recognition, shrouding their shared past in mystery.

Will Alice unveil her true self or let the mystery between them grow?

Benedict did not grow up a gentleman, but he has struggled and fought all his life for the position in society that he holds now. Scarred both physically and by the flames of a bygone tragedy, he is consumed by a singular purpose; vengeance upon those who ruined his family. His obsession with revenge takes up every waking moment, until he meets the alluring Alice and burning desire grows within him.

Will he allow her tantalizing beauty and her wit distract him from his mission?

As their memories of the past and hopes for the future collide, Benedict and Alice can no longer ignore their smoldering attraction for one another. Will they admit their feelings to one another and give into temptation? Or will the secrets of the past and the scheming of Alice’s stepmother keep them apart forever?

“Scars of a Passionate Revenge” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke’s Lustful Portrait

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Lady Arabella Sinclair is a gifted painter, trapped in the Lord’s Society, a world of sensual portraiture and unspoken desires. She longs to escape her father’s control, yearning for the tranquility of the French countryside, where she can paint the landscapes her heart truly desires. Yet, as the enigmatic Sebastian Ravenswood enters her life, her passion and restraint collide, setting the stage for a sizzling love that defies the boundaries of the ton.

Will she follow her fiery heart on a fervent journey of love and discovery?

Sebastian Ravenswood, a brooding Duke with a vengeful past, harbors a burning desire for retribution against the man who murdered his mother. To achieve his dark purpose, he infiltrates the secret Lord’s Society to unearth the truth. As he delves into society’s secrets, he becomes entangled with the alluring Lady Arabella. Balancing his thirst for revenge with an irresistible attraction, Sebastian risks losing himself to the very passions he vowed to conquer.

Can Arabella’s artful hand put some color in the Duke’s resentful heart?

Their forbidden love story unfolds against the backdrop of the Lord’s Society, a clandestine world of vice and intrigue. As Sebastian and Arabella navigate lust, they risk exposing dark secrets and confronting inner demons. Will their passionate love withstand the secrets that threaten to tear them apart, or will the Duke’s sinful portrait become a haunting reminder of a love forbidden by society?

“A Duke’s Lustful Portrait” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Seducing an Earl under the Mistletoe

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Lady Catherine Winters, a spirited young woman, torn from her cherished life in London and her secret career as a romance serial writer, is forced to confront her family’s eclectic chaos during Christmastide. Amidst the holiday frenzy, a tempting man captures her attention, the enigmatic Lord Rinder. As they share a chance encounter beneath the mistletoe, a spark ignites between them, leading to a scandalous pact that promises to redefine their destinies.

Can Lady Catherine weave a real-life love affair as intoxicating and alluring as the passionate narratives she pens in her novels?

Arthur Taylor’s tranquil life in the countryside is turned upside down when his parents reveal their plot to arrange a marriage with him and Lady Margot Fisher, a woman once promised to his deceased brother. However, a fateful kiss with the tantalizing Catherine sets his body and soul ablaze. In a clandestine agreement, Arthur experiences the liberating joys of a carefree existence, while becoming the muse Catherine needs for her passionate tales.

Will Arthur be able to defy his parents’ scheming to pursue the fiery Lady that stirred his heart?

The simplicity of their arrangement is short-lived as dark clouds gather over the Winters family. With a dire family secret revealed, the threat to shatter their passion-filled world is tangible. Together, Catherine and Arthur must face the pressure of society, familial expectations, and the whispers of their own hearts. When everything seems hopeless, can the two of them navigate through the storm and ensure the triumph of their sizzling love?

“Seducing an Earl under the Mistletoe” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Scandalous Guardian

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In the wake of a sudden, heart-wrenching loss, far from the freedom she knew in India, the fiery Josephine faces the prospect of an unwanted marriage in England. To claim her family’s opulent English estates, she must make an agonising choice: surrender to the authority of an unfamiliar guardian or forfeit her birthright forever. Yet, having no desire to be any man’s wife, she wants nothing more than to return to India… Until she sees the tempting Philip, and an irresistible chemistry sparks, leading to a forbidden affair.

Will Josephine secure her inheritance, or will she defy convention for a chance at true, passionate love?

Philip, a Duke shattered by the loss of his family, left India and sought solace in seclusion. Until fate thrust him into the role of Josephine’s guardian. His heart, once shielded by grief and vows of lovelessness, stirs to life in her alluring presence. As their desires smoulder and their bodies entwine in secret rendezvous beneath the moonlit Indian skies, Philip’s commitment to honour, battles against the overwhelming need to passionately kiss Josephine…

Will he be bound by duty, or will he risk his reputation for a lust too overwhelming to resist?

Josephine and Philip share a sizzling connection, bonded by their love for India and their discomfort with suffocating English customs. Yet, society’s stringent rules threaten to tear them apart, casting shadows of torment and separation over their scandalous affair. Will they find a way to be together and avoid scandal? Will their passion empower them to break free from these constricting constraints or will it engulf them in a consuming inferno of desire and despair?

“A Lady’s Scandalous Guardian” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Awakening a Lord’s Desires

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In the serene countryside, Miss Caroline Turner seeks solace from the stifling judgment of her stepmother. As the daughter of the Baron of Wentworth, her London Season has been a whirlwind of obligations and expectations, but the countryside offers her a respite where she can leave it all behind. Yet, when a chance encounter with an errant horse and rider nearly puts her life in danger, a new set of problems unfolds before her. Little does she know that this unexpected incident would lead to a life-altering encounter with a man who will kindle a flame of unwavering desire within her.

Can a fleeting moment in the countryside turn into a passionate connection that will forever alter the course of her life?

Shackled by his mother’s demands, Lord Charles Spencer yearns to escape to his family’s country abode, far from London’s clamor. When he finally escapes the pressure of the Season to seek refuge in nature, he stumbles upon a mysterious woman in the woods, and his life takes an unexpected turn. The passionate encounter with this modern-day Cinderella sparks feelings he never knew existed, and her allure captivates his soul.

Will he have the courage to follow his heart and let this tem��dy into his life?

As the lush countryside weaves its spell, their attraction deepens into an intoxicating dance of lust and passion. With each challenge they overcome, their love blossoms to new heights, shredding the barriers guarding their hearts. However, their idyllic world is threatened when the scheming nephew of Caroline’s stepmother arrives. Will Charles and Caroline forge a future untainted by deceitful guardians, cunning relatives, and the shallow confines of status-driven unions?

“Awakening a Lord’s Desires” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Rescuing a Tantalising Heiress

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Isabella Burlington always craved adventure, yet the one she found herself caught up in was not what she was expecting… A blue-stocking lady, more at home amongst books than in the midst of society, is forced to face the unknown with pluck and courage when danger knocks on her door. Finding herself in the remote Howdwell Heights, a place shrouded in solitude, the fiery Isabella encounters the wicked Viscount Talbot, a man who is as enigmatic as the estate itself. Drawn to his mesmerising presence, her curiosity ignites a flame of desire that burns brighter than any tale she has ever read.

Will she succumb to this man’s irresistible allure?

Edward Talbot is both a paragon of honour and a reputed rogue with an estate which he has to run by himself and a sister whom he guards with true zeal. Behind his captivating gaze lie some well-guarded secrets, intertwining duty and desire in a treacherous dance. When a dreadful turn of events brings him and Isabella unexpectedly together, Edward finds his soul entangled with Isabella’s as fate weaves them closer, defying reason and tempting forbidden passion.

Can Edward cast aside the shadows of his past to embrace a future entwined with the bewitching Lady?

As their destinies collide, scandalous twists and turns reveal themselves, Isabella and Edward embark on a journey that unearths their deepest desires and tests the limits of their devotion. Will their discoveries tear them apart or bind them together in a bond that defies all odds? Amidst the peril, can the passionate love they have for each other save them from the darkness that lures in the shadows?

“Rescuing a Tantalising Heiress” is a historical western romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady Igniting Wicked Passions

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Arabella Harrington, the second daughter of the Earl of Ashendown, has always dreamt of being swept up in a passionate romance, just like the ones she has read in Shakespeare. However, her father’s arranged marriage to an arrogant lord threatens her dreams. To make things worse, an irresistible attraction ignites between Arabella and her sister’s betrothed…

Will she succumb to the flames of desire, or will she be wise enough to bury it deep in the ground?

Aaron Blackwood, the Duke of Ashenwood, is heir to a ruined castle and a dwindling fortune. When he finds himself in debt to a dangerous man, he agrees to marry the beguiling Helena Harrington in exchange for her father’s promised dowry. However, a twist of fate leads him to grow lustful feelings for the wrong sister. He knows he is playing dangerously close with fire, but his passion is too overwhelming to resist…

Will he risk his life and reputation for this sizzling fervour?

Enveloped in an irresistible allure, Arabella and Aaron find themselves entangl��web of forbidden desires whenever their paths cross. Torn between honour and scandal, can they risk social ruin and embark on a sinful love affair? In a world of yearning hearts and whispered secrets, will they seize their chance at love, or will their tantalising love story echo the tragic fate of Romeo and Juliet?

“A Lady Igniting Wicked Passions” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Scarlet Lady’s Duke of Desire

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Miss Melody Thornton, the daughter of a scandal, born to an earl’s second son and a common servant, has always been an outsider amidst the judgmental gazes of high society. With one foot in each world but fitting into neither, she prefers to keep her nose buried in books rather than experience life the hard way. Despite society’s rejection, a captivating Duke’s attention lures Melody into his seductive world and the opportunity to stir up some chaos within the society that has so often shunned her.

Will she finally find the courage to break free from her shell and take a chance at passionate love, even if it means stirring up scandal?

As expected, Lord James Hastings has taken to his new title as Duke of Haston with ease. Well-respected and versed in noble life, he knows he must fulfill his duty and find a suitable wife. The ladies of the ton yearn for his attention, but when he meets the alluring Melody, his desire to conquer her body and soul threatens to unravel his carefully crafted reputation.

Will he succumb to the temptation and risk losing everything for the woman who has captured his heart?

As honour clashes with irresistible passion, Melody and James can not help surrendering to their undeniable lust. Can they defy their predestined fate and everyone’s expectations, for the sake of all-consuming love? Or will their scandalous affair go down in flames before it fills them with sparks?

“The Scarlet Lady’s Duke of Desire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 70,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Romancing the Wrong Sister

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After a less than successful first season on the marriage mart, Ada Halifax is looking forward to unwinding from the rituals of the ton and seeks respite in the peaceful county of Northumberland. However, her plans for relaxation are quickly derailed when she meets the enigmatic and captivating Lord Henry. Despite his scandalous past, Ada can not resist the burning passion he ignites within her. Will she succumb to his seduction, even if it means risking her reputation and future?

A young debutant looking for passionate love. A shunned bachelor looking for anything but. A dance that changes everything…

Henry Mitford, a shunned bachelor tormented by a scandal, seeks refuge in a secluded northern town to escape the disapproving glares of the ton. In a bid to evade further scrutiny, he assumes a new identity, but his plan is derailed when he meets the scandalous Ada Halifax. Despite his best efforts to avoid temptation, he finds himself entangled into a dangerous game of seduction, forcing him to confront the ghosts of his past before they can destroy his chance at happiness with Ada.

Will he be able to resist her irresistible allure, or will he fall under her spell?

After a fateful dance, Ada and Henry are irreversibly drawn to each other, sparking a desire that neither of them can resist. When secrets from the past come to light though, they find themselves confronted with an impossible decision. Will they conform to societal expectations or will they risk it all to turn their sizzling passion into an everlasting love? Can they bridge the gap between their two worlds and create a future together, or will their differences tear them apart?

“Romancing the Wrong Sister” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke in Pursuit of Passion

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The alluring Ella Gideon, daughter of the Earl of Partridge has always been the epitome of poise and elegance. However, when her younger sister falls into the clutches of a wicked man who cla��ove her, everything begins to fall apart. With an overbearing mother, a sick father and a runaway sister, Ella feels as though she is the only one left to save their family from scandal. When a tempting old friend from her past resurfaces and offers his help, she must decide whether she is willing to risk her heart in order to save her sister.

Will she succumb to the irresistible lust she feels for him?

The seductive Lord Nathaniel Rolfe is the only son of the Duke of Worthington. Having travelled all over the British Isles he has certainly made a name for himself, as a rogue and a rake. When a letter from his father calls him home to help his childhood best friend Ella in finding her missing sister, he jumps at the chance to prove himself to her and possibly seduce her. However, coming face to face with the tantalising Ella again, he is shocked by her cold reception and her obvious disdain for him.

Will he melt her chilly façade and convince her that opposites can make for a passionate match?

As they search for her sister, Nathaniel and Ella are forced to confront the unresolved, flaming feelings they have for each other. The attraction between them is undeniable, but can they let go of the past and embrace the passion that burns between them? Or will they let their old wounds tear them apart?

“A Duke in Pursuit of Passion” is a historical romance novel of approximately 60,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Path to Sin

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As a proper lady, Hannah Savery always played by society’s rules, but when she has a chance encounter with the son of a family that ruined her aunt’s reputation, she finds herself torn between family duty and forbidden desire. As burning passion sets fire to her heart for the first time, she keeps wondering��6 Why, of all the people she could find tempting, did it have to be the one person she should not be anywhere near?

Will falling for the wrong Lord lead her to have the same fate as her aunt?

Colin Hardinge did not plan on seeking out the daughter of Viscount Chalmers, nor did he plan on becoming attracted to her. He knows he should walk away and put his attention elsewhere, but the passion between them simmers. Each glance at the fiery Hannah is a temptation he can barely resist. Being well aware of their families hatred, he knows that this romance is destined to fail.

Yet, this forbidden lady presents a unique challenge…

Being unable to deny their growing feelings, they will soon become entangled in a scandalous affair. What they don’t know is that their secret liaison is being watched by suitors willing to tear them apart and steal their spark. As their feuding families will never accept their union, can the revelation of an untold truth put an end to the long-lasting rivalry? Or will history repeat itself, leaving two more lovers apart?

“A Lady’s Path to Sin” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke’s Longing Gaze

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After losing her mother and brother, Diana Carlisle was left with her impoverished Baron father and no hope for the future. As if her life was not already a tragedy in the making, her best friend’s marriage is about to shake her world forever. While trying to turn down several gentlemen’s requests to dance and sneak away, she suddenly notices a vigorous stranger’s eyes on her. As she leaves, their eyes meet again and Diana feels tantalising passion conquering her for the first time.

No such thing as true love existed in her mind until she met this tempting stranger…

While chaperoning his sister at a soirée, Lord Francis Steele’s glance stops to witness a man attempting to approach the most seductively elusive young lady. Unable to pull his eyes away, he observes her faking a limp, and politely rejecting several men. In a glimpse of an eye, she is gone from his site, haunting his night with sinful thoughts. Therefore, he decides to move heaven and earth to find her again…

Luck may be by his side, but does he have the recipe to win her fiery heart?

Lustful glances across a crowded room will only be the beginning of Francis and Diana’s passionate connection. However, interfering parents and noble rules of etiquette are threatening their blooming romance. Will they overcome the influence and schemes of those who seek to stand between them and turn this sizzling desire into an everlasting love? Or will their affair go down in flames?

“A Duke’s Longing Gaze” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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An Alluring Lady’s Inevitable Match

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The enthralling Dorothy Napier is finally allowed to choose the one she wants to marry. Being upset but relieved at the same time about her broken engagement with someone she has never met, she is ready to welcome the new Season. Yet, fate’s perilous games will conspire to turn her holidays into a scandalous coincidence. While attending a soirée, Dorothy encounters a wicked, tempting stranger and passion instantly flares between them.

If she only knew he was her former betrothed…

After Lucas Dashwood denied a forced marriage and broke his engagement, he promised his father to find a wife this Season. He was not really searching for a match, until a so��hering brought him close to the most captivating woman he has ever met, Dorothy. When he realises that she is the one he was about to marry, he finds himself trapped in his own poor decisions. As his burning passion for her becomes unbearable, he wishes he could turn back time.

Is this Lady destined to set his soul on fire?

The more Dorothy and Lucas intertwine with each other, the more temptation breeds desire. As their sizzling romance starts growing, rumours about Luca’s roguish past and other eligible rivals fighting for their hands will risk destroying it forever. Can Lucas battle the obstacles and reach Dorothy’s fiery heart? Or will their unforeseen affair prove to be as vain as it began?

“An Alluring Lady’s Inevitable Match” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Wallflower who Seduced the Earl

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After a disappointing Season, Flora Sedley decides to visit her best friend in Kent in order to avoid the marriage market delirium. She can not wait to have a peaceful time, reading and taking long walks in nature. However, fate has other plans… The day she crosses paths with the seductive Earl of Kent around the gardens, her life is about to change forever. She could never have imagined that her pleasure trip would turn into a sinful journey of unbridled passion…

Conquered by burning love, will she manage to restrain from lust?

Lionel Vander, the Earl of Kent, thinks that marriage of convenience suits him perfectly fine. However, there is absolutely nothing convenient about the sinful feelings he begins to develop when he encounters the most ravishing wallflower. Just when he is ready to compromise by marrying the woman his father chose for him years ago, temptation, disguised as a charming young lady, is about to ruin his happily-ever-after.

Will he let his tantalising feelings for her put his reputation at risk?

Lionel and Flora’s lives are turned upside down, and their fateful meeting will develop into a scandalous adventure. As Lionel’s prospect fiancée larks to destroy their growing romance more schemes, doubts and deceits will jeopardise their match. Yet, unable to stay away from one another, will they find a way to fight for their lustful affair? Or will society’s necessities and prejudice steal their hopes for love?

“The Wallflower who Seduced the Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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<span��D”font-size: 26px;”>A Viscount’s Sinful Touch

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The fiery Sophia Burke never embraced marriage as a possibility. With her sisters always getting all the attention, she could enjoy an independent life that would never exchange for any suitor. As if she could have known that soon the most seductive man would walk into her life to set her whole world on fire. Yet, this flaming encounter was about to become more scandalous than she ever expected.

The only man who ever awakened her sizzling desire is her sister’s prospective beau…

Heartbroken and despondent, Thomas Ford agreed to a match between him and Aimee Burke to please his father. On his way to meet his future fiancée, though, he accidentally walks into a tempting lady who immediately catches his interest. As sparks fly between them, Thomas realises that he has made a terrible mistake; he fell in love with the wrong sister.

Will he manage to tame his tantalizing passion for his fiancée’s younger sister?

As Sophia’s and Thoma’s lives fatefully intertwine, they will not be able to stay away from each other and their sinful attraction will prove to be vital. With their forbidden romance about to destroy their beloved ones as well as their own reputation, will they manage to find a way to be together? Will they surpass their fears and prejudice to give a chance to the flaring romance that has conquered their souls?

“A Viscount’s Sinful Touch” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Setting a Maid’s Heart on Fire

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After her kind master’s passing Penelope Dupont’s life turns into ashes. Working as a maid for his abusive widow is a real nightmare, but things turn worse when a despicable Comte violently intrudes her world. Desperate to escape this tormenting life, she runs away using her younger mistress’ identity, but she soon finds herself tangled in another torment, named lust… Trying to escape her past, she runs into a seductive Duke who thinks Penelope is the French bride he is expecting.

What will happen when Penelope’s sinful secret is divulged?

Anthony Grafton sees his life changing in the glimpse of an eye. After his uncle’s death, he is forced to inherit the title of the Duke of Chattham’s for the sake of his sisters. Leaving behind his high-ranked position in the Army, he is stunned to learn that the dukedom is badly in debt, and the only way to fix it is to marry the Comte’s wealthy niece. Yet, when he meets the tempting Penelope, marriage becomes the most reckless adventure of all.

He was not looking for passionate love, but what will he do when it finds him?

Penelope and Anthony’s lives intertwine under the most unlikely circumstances. Once they taste each other’s sinful kiss they will be unable to tame their growing feelings. Lost in a sea of doubts, guilt, and scandal, can love be won from disaster? As their past appears to haunt them, once again, will they find the strength to fight against the cunning schemes or will their forbidden love be just a candle in the wind?

“Setting a Maid’s Heart on Fire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Lady Clea’s Inventive Match

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When her beloved brother was mysteriously murdered by his childhood friend, Vic��yward’s life sank into sorrow. His killer was sent into exile, but an unbearable rivalry has spread between the Hayward and the Mowbray family. Years after, Victoria finds herself in the most despicable position, forced to marry the man who shot her brother. As doubts start to clear the air of what happened that fateful night, Victoria’s hatred for her seductive husband will slowly turn into feelings of scandalous, guilty lust…

Will she allow herself to surrender to her untamed desire?

Rafe Mowbray is certain of his innocence, but his blurry memory leaves him helpless. His return to England was marked by the sudden death of his father and brother who was about to marry Victoria and bring peace to the families. Now, Rafe must take his brother’s place, inherit the title of the Earl of Blackmore and marry the fiery woman who deeply hates him. Yet, his flaming passion for her sparks from their very first glance, and living under the same roof starts tormenting his fervour dreams.

Will he be able to prove his innocence and win his tempting wife’s heart?

Victoria and Rafe’s conflict soon bursts into a sizzling, forbidden romance, and they find themselves trapped in a perilous game of lust and deceit. Even though they are determined to unveil the real events of that fateful night, someone will lark to make sure that truth will never shine. Will they manage to reveal the dark secrets that the past holds? After all, can these enemies ever be more than passionate lovers?

“Under the Earl’s Wicked Spell” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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An Irresistible Lord in Disguise

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Lady Lydia Beresford and her best friend have always yearned to live a passionate romance. The day her friend will meet her royal husband-to-be has arrived and Lydia is determined to ensure that nothing will go wrong. Except, everything will… The future bride does not seem to have any interest in her betrothed, but an intimate touch between Lydia and her friend’s seductive beau is enough to fulfil her fantasies/set her heart on for. She risks crossing the dangerous line between desire and friendship…

Will she realise that she is playing dangerously close with fire?

Lord Colin Carr knows that he must soon leave his wicked life behind and inherit his title as the new Duke of Carrington. However, when his close royal friend convinces him to change identities to help him destroy his arranged betrothal with a woman he does not know, he can not hlp but accept the challenge. Yet, while pretending to be the French Prince, his eventful encounter with Lydia will change his plans.

If only he could reveal his identity and learn what scandalous love is to Lydia …

Lydia and Colin find themselves trapped between lies and lustful feelings. When their passion grows irresistibly, revelations and jealous rivals will threaten to tear them apart, wiill Colin confess the truth? Will Lydia find the courage to show what lies deeper in her heart? Will they manage to save their si��air amid all the schemes and deceit?

“An Irresistible Lord in Disguise” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Tempted by a Scarred Duke

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On her way to find some herbs for her remedies, the tempting Rarity Stanley will be trapped in a situation that will change her destiny forever. When she realises that the man who saved her is the devilish Duke everyone in her village talks about, she is stunned by how brave and unexpectedly seductive he is. Her fateful encounter with him leads her to accept a cleaner’s job at his place and they soon become entangled in a tempestuous love affair…

Touched by the devil himself, will she be able to resist the temptation?

At his manor atop the cliffs, has long isolated himself, the mysterious Duke, James Pollock. After the war left him injured and with a scarred face, society forced him into alienation as a man marked by the devil. Until he found an enticing damsel in distress in the woods and the unforeseen happened; they unexpectedly and passionately fell in love with each other.

If only his burning desire for her could stop sinking him deeper in despair…

Meant for each other, Rarity and James will soon explore the pleasure of their shimmering feelings. Yet, they know that their flaming love will have to battle the fanatic hatred of their community. When the attacks on James’ house increase, a friend from the past arrives and an unspoken truth gets revealed… Will Rarity and James surpass the malice around them? Will their persistence reward them with a lasting passion?

“Tempted by a Scarred Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.%��ong>

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Accidentally Married to a Seductive Beau

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The fiery Lady Charlotte Barham is quite pleased that her beloved sister is finally betrothed. Even though it is not a love match, Charlotte has high hopes for her sister’s future happiness by the side of the eligible and very seductive Lord Forbes. Everything seemed to be perfect, until a fateful night at a ball, Charlotte and her sister’s fiancé find themselves in the middle of a terrible scandal that can ruin them both. There seems to be no other solution than marrying Lord Forbes and losing her sister’s trust once and for all…

Could such an unforeseen marriage ever succeed?

Lord Christopher Forbes, a former army officer and son of an Earl, unexpectedly finds himself torn between duty and honour. His betrothal with the older Lady Barham was a well-received settled match, but an intimate moment with her tempting sister, Charlotte, was enough to turn his life upside down. After their hasty wedding under the threatening shadow of scandal, he realises how his deep admiration for her is turning into burning, untamed passion.

Only time will tell if his lust for her can be the road to their redemption…

A simple accident, a scandal brewing, and life veers off in the most unexpected direction of all… Charlotte and Christopher quickly become inextricably linked by their inescapable desire for one another. However, with her sister’s betrayed gaze always upon them, guilt and doubts will haunt them. Can Charlotte and Christopher’s flaming love persist over lies and machinations? Or will their tempting romance be cursed to end in the same unfortunate way it began?

“Accidentally Married to a Seductive Beau” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed�� ever after.

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A Lady’s Scandalous Secret

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After the tragic loss of her parents, Lilian Lynch’s life sinks in despair. As her once beloved brother turns into a despotic guardian who demands her union with an abhorrent Duke, she is desperate to avoid her cruel fate. When the dark rumours around the Duke’s past start haunting her down, she runs away to become a governess, hiding her identity. Yet, the last thing she expected was her new mysterious boss to tempt her in a tantalising way…

Will this fiery Lady allow her socially forbidden love to bloom?

Lord Archibald Mortimer is a charming man who must take care of his young, mischievous siblings. Determined that a proper educator could conform them, he hires Lilian in the role of the new governess. As the delectable stranger wins the children’s heart from the start, Archie’s doubts about her skills are slowly being replaced by feelings of admiration and hidden lust.

However, duty leaves no time for romance…

Lily and Archie’s flaming attraction for one another soon ignites in a torrid encounter. Torn between duty and secrets, and with Lily’s fiancé trying to destroy their last hope of true, enticing love… Will they manage to face their darkest fears? Or will their seductive affair be forever lost in the abyss of lies and guilt?

“A Lady’s Scandalous Secret” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Dazzled by a Devilish Duke

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Patience Fairhurst has never imagined how easily her settled life could sink into sin. As every proper Lady, she was destined to marry an honourable Earl. Yet, on her way to visit him, she encounters the most vexing and seductive carriage driver, who would set her ride and heart on fire. When she realises that this insolent man is the Earl’s best friend, dressed as a servant, it will be too late…

Will she manage to ignore the temptation in order to avoid causing a huge scandal?

The rakish Duke of Lutton, Frederick Asheton, is a pure adventurer who denounces the formal social engagements of high society and loves to disguise as a commoner. In one of his infrequent visits home, he meets the most ravishing Lady he has ever seen. The only issue is that the scandalous Patience is his friend’s match…

Will he risk the only friends��as ever truly cared for in the name of lust?

Forced to come together for the sake of a mutual friend, Patience and Federick will soon realise they are tied together by fate once and for all. Unable to control themselves, and desperately trying to bury their passionate feelings… Will they manage to make their sinful affair last forever? Or are these two lovers destined for failure?

“Dazzled by a Devilish Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Rivals’ Passionate Race

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Bridget Dean’s wild spirit, much like the horses she adores, can not be easily tamed. When her father’s demands to see her marry collide with her dream to contribute to her family’s racing legacy, her world will be shaken. However, an unexpected encounter with a mysterious Harlequin might be the key to her freedom and unbridled passion.

If only she knew that this seductive man was her father’s most hated rival…

Walter Hanley, a romantic heart, refuses to marry unless he finds the one true love. Yet, finding a bride is the least of his worries, as the racing season can risk his most hated secret to being exposed: his fear of riding horses after a terrible accident. What will happen when the fiery daughter of his family arch enemy offers to help him?

Walter’s secret partnership with the enemy may lead to so much more…

When Bridget and Walter realise each other’s real identity, they will try to tame their growing feelings. Even though they know that their forbidden affair could ruin them both, lust keeps pulling them together like a magnet. Torn between love and hatred, can their love survive a family rivalry that wishes to tear them apart? Will the two ��ay to overcome all that stands in their way and pursue their sizzling romance?

“A Rivals’ Passionate Race” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Duke’s Lustful Christmas

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Abigail Andrews’ favorite time of the year finds her in a maid’s position. Being more than excited, the dreadful rumors about her strange boss can not ruin her holiday spirit… Or can they? As Abigail has never met the so-called “Demon Duke” of the manor, she could never know that the arrogant man she ran into at the local Christmas market is no one else but him.

If only a season’s miracle could turn this monster into a loving man…

Haunted by his childhood demons, Ezra Haddington, the Duke of Brunswick, is a fearful, prejudiced man who hates Christmas and has sworn himself to never marry. Yet, an encounter with a dashing, spirited woman at the seasonal village market will immediately awaken his well-hidden spark of desire.

How will his cold-hearted Grace tame his burning emotions when he realises that the daring woman of the market is his new parlourmaid?

As Ezra’s and Abigail’s flaming attraction grows, they will soon get tangled in a forbidden game of seduction. Their happiness will not last for long, as a wicked man with an angelic face will lark to steal their happiness away… Can their flaring romance prevail against a painful past and save Christmas, or will their love disappear forever as an ephemeral winter snowflake?

“A Duke’s Lustful Christmas” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Governess’ Sinful Kiss

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The ravishing Miss Harriet Fields counts her blessings for being the governess of the kind Duke of Wistow’s lovely grandchildren. Her devotion and close relationship with the kids have made her feel like a part of the family, however, soon her life is about to be shaken forever. After the Duke’s death, Harriet will unexpectedly find herself at the mercy of her new wicked employer.

If only Harriet knew what fate would bring along with the arrival of the new Duke of Wistow…

The untamed nature of Thomas Crowley is about to be confined, when he receives a letter to inherit the title of his distant cousin, the Duke of Wistow. As a son of a small business’ owner he grew up to be a passionate man who enjoyed living his life with his own rules. Now, confronted with an unprecedented challenge he will struggle to fill in his new noble position.

Will his encounter with the fiery governess help him find his way through, or will his unbridled desire for her risk his reputation once and for all?

Thrown at opposite ends of the household, Thomas and Harriet must learn their new places in the world or be forced to make a new path of their own. Soon enough, their flaming passion will have to face a devilish Lady’s plans, who craves to burn their love into ashes. Will they let her ruin their sizzling affair? Will they manage to defy society’s rules and unleash their burning emotions for a chance of a common future together?

“A Governess’ Sinful Kiss” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Merchant’s Scheme of Desire

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Being an Earl’s daughter, Lady Cecilia Ramsbury knew that pursuing her real passion to become a gown’s designer would be impossible. However, when her parents decide to betroth her to a horrible gentleman, Cecilia realises that this is her last chance to follow her heart. After accepting an invitation to meet a very influential designer, Cecilia will come across a tempting man, eager to help her out…

Could this mysterious merchant be the key to Cecilia’s success?

The vigorous Joshua Carter is an ambitious merchant who plans to expand his family linen drapery business. Even though he has his way with women, his one true love is his job. However, when a business meeting with a famous French modiste brings him close to the seductive Cecilia, he can’t help but offer her a place to work.

Little did he know that this offer could lead to so much more…

While Cecilia’s fashion show proceeds, so does the revelation of her little workshop by her evil husband-to-be… Unable to resist their flaming feelings, Joshua and Cecilia find themselves trapped in their own scheme. Will they choose to risk it all for a lust too overwhelming to resist, or will their passionate affair die along with their dreams?

“A Merchant’s Scheme of Desire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 90,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Performing for a Wicked Lord

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The ravishing performer Anna Coleman has long promised herself to never get involved with the cruel world of high society. Yet, her grasping boss will keep forcing her to perform for the people she blames for her parent’s death. Little did she know that soon a charming Earl in disguise will appear in her life and the flame of desire will slowly start burning her heart.

Will Anna’s passionate feelings prove to be strong enough to shatter her hatred?

Lord Henrik Copperfield has all the virtues a noble man can have; charm, intelligence, and a huge inheritance. Tired of the ton and his famous bachelor title, he will see his life turning upside down after an inevitable night at the theater. When he finds himself mesmerised by the voice of the fiery Anna, he will come up with a plan to conquer the dreamy woman who hates aristocracy.

If only Henrik’s way to Anna’s heart was filled with roses….

As fate conspires to bring them together once more, Henrick and Anna are unable to tame their flaming emotions and so, their lustful affair begins. However, will Henrick’s secret identity ruin any hope of a common future together? As high society’s restrictions tighten the grip around them, will Anna’s and Henrik’s tantalising romance blossom or will it be doomed once and for all?

“Performing for a Wicked Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lord’s Flaming Summer

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Miss Ruth Middleton, the daughter of an untitled solicitor finds herself caught between two worlds. When her noble friend invites her to the Earl’s estate for the summer, Ruth could never imagine the sinful days that are about to come… When she encounters the wicked son of the Earl, sparks will fly and Ruth will find herself unable to resist the Lord’s tempting seduction.

If only desire could overcome status…

Lord Hugh Solton, the son and heir of the Earl, is upset with his father’s decision to invite their distant relative Patricia and her humble companion to Sandhurst Hall. However, from the moment the enticing and innocent Ruth catches his eye, an intriguing, but forbidden romance starts to grow. Could he ever seriously consider a future by her side?

A cruel twist of fate…

Ruth and Hugh’s flaming passion is trapped between society’s necessities and a scandal that will turn their worlds upside down. When Patricia expresses her interest in Hugh, the revelation of a well-kept secret will challenge Hugh and Ruth’s lustful affair… Will the fatal events strengthen their tantalising romance or it will all burn vainly into ashes?

“A Lord’s Flaming Summer” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Dangerous Game of Lust

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As the daughter of a law breaking group’s chief, the daring Marie Devon has learned the hard way of life. Even though robberies and chase had been her second nature, something had always felt wrong… When her people kidnap the dissolute son of a Duke, Marie’s whole world turns upside down. While her burning desire for their prisoner begins to relentlessly grow everyday, will she be able to carry through this last crime, or will she risk it all for a chance at a forbidden romance?

Repelled by the corruption of London’s high society, Marquess Benedict Carlton has chosen to live like a rake, spending his days drinking and gambling. Little did he know that his world would soon change forever, when a group of thieves capture him as a hostage. What he never expected though, was to fall in love with his lustful captivator, the fiery daughter of the band’s chief, Marie. Will Benedict manage to strike a bargain with the gang in order to gain more time with his enticing captor?

Marie and Benedict both know that this world is not made for an outlaw and a nobleman to dream of a common future together, without condemning their loved ones to scandal and deprivation. Will they defy society’s constraining rules and fight for their unconditional love? Will they manage to forget their sinful past and surrender to their passionate desire?

“A Dangerous Game of Lust” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Surrendering to a Lady’s Touch

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Margaret Crowley, the daughter of a ruined viscount, witnessed her life turning into a living hell. After losing her mother, she had to suffer her father’s gambling and drinking obsession that caused them an unbearable debt. Even though she strived hard to keep them from failing, she knew that only a good marriage could save them from their complete decadence. However, when she meets John, the wicked brother of her loyal maid, sparks will fly, leading them to a tempting, flaming romance. Yet, fate will bring Margaret confronted with the grim reality, as her father bets her hand to a cunning, evil Lord. Will her growing passion for the enthralling John, give her the courage to finally face her father and fight against a doomed future?

John Harrington, the alluring brother of Margaret’s maid, has all the qualities of a vigorous gentleman, and has just joined the army. Yet, from the moment he lays eyes on the fiery Margaret, nothing can ever be the same, as he is unable to resist his tantalising desire for her… Soon, his untamed feelings will fatefully make him a part of a perilous game against a very dangerous man. How far is John willing to go to avoid losing the seductive beauty who has captured his heart?

The more they find themselves sinking deeper and deeper into their lustful affair, the more their dream of a common future together seems to fade away… Yet, just before everything seems to be collapsing, the revelation of a hideous lie, might change the course of Margaret and John’s gloomy destiny. Will they manage to escape from the scandalous fraud of a vicious man that craves to steal their happiness? After all the hardships they’ve been through, will Margaret and John manage to make their burning love prevail, or will their lust vanish forever?

“Surrendering to a Lady’s Touch” is a historical romance novel of approximately 50,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Desire Beyond Status

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The fiery Eliza Baxter lives a peaceful life, until her aunt decides to take her to London for the Season in order to introduce her to the ton. Upon her arrival, the passionate Eliza finds herself in distress as she must endure her devious and jealous cousins, who will do anything to make her time in London unbearable. Yet, at the upcoming ball, Eliza’s fateful encounter with the attractive Duke of Ellis will be her chance to gain a new ally, as they both have to get through the Season avoiding the pretentious nobles. However, Eliza’s growing feelings for the Duke will soon set her heart on a fire she is unable to tame… Will she surrender to her burning desire for the enchanting Duke or will her lack of a title ruin what her heart is deeply longing for?

Hugh Conrad, the new Duke of Ellis, is a war hero and a man of duty, who struggles to accept and live up to his title after the tragic passing of his brother. When his wicked mother insists that he must find a wife, Hugh masters his past strategic skills to sneak out of his troubles. However, a ball will soon be the cause of meeting the most interesting and captivating woman he has ever seen. When Hugh lays eyes on the seductive Eliza, he will not only agree to a fraudulent courtship with her in order to mislead the suppressive relatives, but also to dive into an endless game of lust. Will Hugh overcome society’s norms and fight for his flaming passion?

Even though Eliza and Hugh come together under the most unexpected circumstances, their plan soon turns into a lustful affair and when they cross the line, it is impossible to resist their tantalising romance. As their tremendous affection unfolds, so does the malice of a cunning woman who desperately schemes for their separation. With many forces conspiring against them, will Eliza and Hugh manage to pursue their unconventional attraction? In a society that revolves around titles and income, could that love and desire prevail after all?

“Desire��Status” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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An Earl’s Inviting Bet

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When her honourable family lost a great amount of fortune to the Earl of Richmond, Samantha Hightower is forced to reinstate their reputation by marrying a noble man. That way she could finally leave the scandal of an old fraud behind, as this was that turned the two families into sworn enemies and started the painful vendetta. However, during one of the balls of her first Season, fate will bring Samantha close to her past and even closer to her sinful enemy without her knowing. A seductive stranger, named Neil Ramsbury, will stimulate Samantha’s secret desire, tempting her to join a dangerous game of lust. How will Samantha react when she finally realises who this mysterious man is?

Neil Montagu, the son of the Earl of Richmond, is a vigorous and proud young man who was taught his entire life to condemn Samantha’s dishonest family. In need of a fresh start, he decides to leave everything behind, but when he arrives in London for a ball, he immediately recognises the stunning Samantha, who now is a fiery young lady. Captivated by her beauty and desperate to have some fun, Neil bets to get a share of his friend’s business, if he could conquer Samantha’s heart, without being recognised. When his burning feelings for her start to grow, will he risk everything for this wild, passionate affair?

Without even realising it, Neil and Samantha’s lives become intertwined in a wicked game of seduction that they can neither explain nor resist. However, when Samantha’s brother reveals the truth about Neil’s secret, ruining their flaming affair, they will be forced to face their past and choose between love and hate… Will the couple manage to break down the walls of the past that keep them apart and surrender to a lustful future, or will their passion irreversibly sink into the abyss of oblivion?

“An Earl’s Inviting Bet” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Captivated by a Rakish Duke

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Miss Mary Brook, being a young fiery girl, is determined to find her match out of true unconditional love. Ever since her father left them with a precarious debt, her mother has been pushing her to secure a good ma��Yet, when her close cousin invites her to the Duke of Tutlidge’s marriage market ball, the first look between Mary and the Duke is enough to stimulate the spark of desire. Even though the sinful rumours of the rakish Duke overwhelm her, when she finds herself accidentally isolated with this dangerous, seductive man, a scandal is about to begin… Will Mary accept a forced marriage with a man she cannot trust, in order to save her reputation?

Henry Poldern, the wild Duke of Tutlidge, is a vigorous man, who once had his naive young heart shattered to a million pieces by a cruel woman that deceived him. Ever since, he has become a stone-hearted rake determined to repel any eligible Lady of high society. However, even though he promised himself never to get married, an unfortunate event between him and Miss Brooke will force him to do the one thing he kept avoiding all these years. Yet, surprisingly, he will soon find himself longing for her touch, as her vulnerability below her cold facade makes him want her even more… Will Mary be the one to conquer his heart and make him leave his sinful past behind?

An incidental encounter of fate intertwined Mary and Henry’s lives leading them to unexpected consequences. Suddenly, both are forced into an engagement neither of them wanted and the last thing they expected was to end up in a flaming affair. Being under the same roof makes it impossible for them to tame their feelings… Yet soon, resisting their passion will not be their only struggle, as the sudden arrival of a notorious lady from Henry’s past will turn their lives upside down. Will this cunning woman manage to tear their growing love apart, forever? In the end, will Mary and Henry conquer the demons of the past and surrender to their tempting lust?

“Captivated by a Rakish Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 40,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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An Earl’s Flaming Journal</s��D

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Jemima Place is an alluring village girl, who tries to settle herself between her controlling parents and her rebellious nature. While she seems compromised with her middle-class status and arranged future, fate will throw a scandalous journal in her path… Even though she knows what the right thing to do is, she is unable to resist her curiosity and finds out all the tempting details about the sinful life of its owner. After taking a secret peek at the intruiging pages, Jemima hurries to sneakily return the journal, when she is confronted by its writer; a vigorous Earl who comes to completely shake her world. Soon, she will find herself falling for a man who likes to make his experiences a literary escapade. Knowing that a dreadful scandal can tarnish her name, will she follow her fiery heart and surrender to her burning desire?

Nicholas Templeton is a charming young Earl known for his magical ability to seduce whoever is around him, especially eligible ladies. Therefore, driven by his impulsive passion, he likes to relive his storming conquests by writing them down. However, the shocking details of his wild life are at risk when he loses his precious journal. Fearing that his voluptuous life is likely to be exposed, he announces a reward for anyone who finds it. Intrigue replaces surprise when Nicholas catches sight of the seductive village girl who returns the journal, as she is like no other woman he has encountered before. Even though he knows he is just a pleasure seeker, he is determined to conquer her. Yet, will he manage to seduce her with no strings attached, or will he end up with his heart broken?

The more Jemima and Nicholas are trying to resist their flaming fervor, the more they keep running into each other. Can this scandalous journal be the beginning of the end of a deep and unexpected affection? They both have to choose between status, duty and undeniable emotions, and yet, when they share their first passionate kiss, lust will be too overwhelming to resist. Ripped apart, they can’t go back, they can’t go on, and they can’t let go… Will their untamed desire manage to overpower their inner struggles and stand against the social standards? Will they lose their hearts to the most sizzling affair of their life, or will their relationship fade in vain once and for all?

“An Earl’s Flaming Journal” is a histori��nce novel of approximately 40,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Fiery Lady’s Accidental Affair

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Alone in the world with her only relative being a patronizing sister, Alicia Ramsbury feels trapped in London’s high society. Even though this is her safe, familiar environment, a part of her is missing. While she is desperately trying to find herself in a place far away from home, she ends up in distress, when her carriage is violently wrecked. Thankfully a vigorous man appears to rescue her and she instantly knows that accepting the seductive stranger’s offer for temporary hospitality is her only option. However, little did she know that the most passionate and fulfilling chapter of her life was about to begin…

Laurence Gillingham has always been a fierce young man, known for his love for the countryside and his roots. Being a farmer and having spent all his life close to nature, he appreciates rural living more than anything else. Will his peaceful and isolated life change after hosting the high-society lady that fate threw in his arms? Laurence will soon realize how much the world of London high-society collides with his rural retreat… Could Alison be the woman that will finally stimulate the mind and hidden desires of the distant Laurence?

When Laurence and Alicia come closer than they could ever imagine, they realise they may have found their missing halves in each other. However, they are struggling to leave their prejudice behind and they soon find themselves torn between love and social status. Alicia should now decide whether she is willing to sacrifice all she has held dear for a lifetime of incomparable bliss and lust. Is love enough to keep these two passionate lovers together against all odds? Do they have the courage to overcome themselves and surrender to their deepest desires?

“A Fiery Lady’s Accidental Affair” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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At a Tempting Lady’s Service

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Even though the overbearing parents of Lady Felicia Casey expect her to marry for wealth and fortune, she is not at all tempted by fine gowns, busy parties and the luxuries of high society. She would much rather spend her days enjoying the freedom of the countryside, where she would be able to focu�� love for drawing. When her closest friend, the Duchess of Montgomery, invites Felicia to stay with her for the summer, she couldn’t be more excited. However, the very last thing she expected was to be captivated by the seductive gaze of the art tutor she meets at her friend’s estate. Even though she knows that such an attraction is forbidden, she dares to dance on the wild side. Risking to tarnish her name, will she dare to surrender her heart to the most alluring man she has ever met?

Mr Ernest Reed is the enticing master gardener that works for the Duke of Montgomery. However, he is much more than that, as he happens to also be a very talented painter. Ever since he was a child, he dreamt of becoming a renowned artist, whose paintings will one day capture everyone’s hearts. Nonetheless, when he is introduced as a drawing tutor to the stunning Lady Felicia, his fiery dreams begin to change. He is instantly enraptured by her alluring beauty and quick wit, making it hard for him to resist the sparks that are flying between them. Soon, he will be completely unable to forget her magnetic brown eyes that set his body and soul on fire. Fearing this summer affair will burn into nothing more than dust, will he dare to defy everything and fight for what he deeply desires?

More than anything, Lady Felicia and Ernest get to discover a world full of love and endless lust. After sharing their first passionate kiss, they are completely enchanted by each other and their flaming chemistry is undeniable. However, as honour is clashing with irresistible desire, it’s difficult to tell if their lustful journey will survive the threats casting their shadow upon it. As another wave of bad luck hits and their burning affair is exposed, will they be able to mend their tattered reputation and bravely face the scandal? Or will everything that has made their blazing love grow be taken away from them forever?

“At a Tempting Lady’s Service” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Desiring A Forbidden Lady

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The alluring Harmony Chance has been excitedly looking forward to her first Season in Town with her aunt, uncle and cousin Margret. Her cousin on the other hand, doesn’t share the enthusiasm about entering high society, as she feels devastated about her arranged marriage. To Harmony’s surprise, the source of her cousin’s tragedy is the most seductive man she has ever seen. To make things even more complicated, he also seems to be enchanted by her and soon, his scorching kisses set her heart on fire. The more time she spends with the beguiling Daniel, the more she finds herself wondering… Why does a man who is completely wrong for her, make everything feel so right in his arms?

Lord Daniel Mavis has been trying to commit to the promise his father made to Lord Chance, that he would marry his daughter Margret, when she came of age. However, after realizing that Margret is someone he could never love or desire, he is struggling to honour a promise that precedes his existence. As ��wasn’t enough, he becomes completely captivated by Margret’s enticing cousin, Miss Harmony Chance. To Daniel, she is the most tempting woman he has ever laid his eyes upon and she is quite witty as well. However, when the Earl of Flanagan takes a serious interest in Harmony and tries to conquer her heart, Daniel will have to make a difficult decision. Is he willing to fight for the woman he is passionately falling in love with, or will maintaining his good reputation mean more to him?

The more Harmony and Daniel fall for each other, the more Daniel tries to push her away and fulfil his family duty by accepting a loveless future. Soon, they will have to choose paths that will dramatically change their lives. Caught between an arranged marriage and a wicked antagonist lord, will they choose to risk it all for a lust too overwhelming to resist? Or will this undeniable passion be buried once and for all?

“Desiring A Forbidden Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Enthralled by a Lustful Viscount

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Hannah Webster has never known the temptations of the outside world. When she secures her very first position as a maid of Lady Grace Caldwell and sets off for Frawley Park, she thinks there is nothing more she wants or needs in life… Or is there? She definitely never expected to desperately need her mistress’s younger brother, the alluring and charismatic Viscount Sculthorpe. Grace has warned her about him… about how he might try to lift her skirts, if she isn’t careful. Unfortunately, the innocent Hannah barely knows what that even means. The only thing she knows is the untamable desire she feels whenever the Viscount stares at her, with his intense green eyes… Soon, sparks will fly, but what if some of ��ch on fire? Will she decide to dance on the wild side?

Thomas Caldwell, the Viscount Sculthorpe, is heir to the Earldom and knows that responsibility awaits him. Until then, he is content with chasing ladies and conquering their kisses. His sister’s fetching new maid has caught his eye and for him, it means nothing more than the thrill of the chase and a quick tumble at the bottom of the stairwell. At least that’s what he thought until he begins experiencing profound feelings he can’t recognise. He knows he is playing a dangerous game with her, but he just can’t stop himself… How far is he willing to go to avoid losing the seductive beauty who has reawakened his desires and captured his heart?

As Hannah and The Viscount skirt around each other and their feelings deepen, a dangerous game of passion and longing develops between them. Even though she knows this passionate affair can lead nowhere, it is beyond Hannah’s powers to resist the temptation. After all, it is common knowledge that high ranking gentlemen such as Thomas do not make a habit of marrying maids… Could Hannah and Thomas possibly manage to forge a happy and passionate future for themselves against all odds? Or will society’s restrictions put out the flame of their burning connection?

“Enthralled by a Lustful Viscount” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Sinful Intention

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Lydia Seymour has had her eyes on the beguiling Duke, Percy Wentworth, since she was just a child, and grew up fascinating about him as if he was an alluring romance hero. Years later, during a fateful night at a ball, the tempting Lydia is finally given the chance to speak with the man of her dreams. Sparks immediately fly between them and Lydia’s heart��However, right when their temper flares, Percy disappears without any excuse. Lydia is left feeling jilted and tricked and those green eyes are haunting her dreams for days. Vulnerable and broken-hearted, she tries to fool her feelings by finding comfort in the attention of another Duke that has been pursuing her, Edmund Russel. Knowing however that he will never make her heart sing like Percy does, will she find the courage to go after the flaming passion she truly dreams of?

Meanwhile, Percy Wentworth, the ravishing Duke of Wexley, has spent much of his life trying to live up to society’s expectations and chasing after his rebellious little sister, Georgiana. When he meets Lydia, the dashing daughter of the local doctor, the connection between them is undeniable, but it lasts for just a glimpse of an eye. Percy has no time to waste on his love life when there are far more pressing family matters burdening his shoulders. However, it’s simply impossible to forget about their mesmerising encounter that instantly captivated him both physically and mentally. Despite knowing it’s better to keep her at distance, he soon finds himself yielding to her skillfully erotic seduction and only one question remains… Can he resist surrendering his heart to the most dazzling woman he has ever known?

Percy and Lydia seem to just keep running into each other, and the mystery around Percy’s sudden disappearance needs to remain hidden… as does their overwhelming passion for each other. Now Lydia has to choose between two men and a decision has never been more difficult… Will she choose the man who dares to be with her publicly, or the man that her heart and body truly belong to? Lydia isn’t the only one facing a dilemma, as Percy is also fighting his own internal battles… After everything, will this childhood friendship stand a chance of turning into a sizzling affair or will it go down in flames?

“A Lady’s Sinful Intention” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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For a Lady’s Lust

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When Louisa Pelham’s family is forced to sell their house and leave everything behind, Louisa couldn’t feel more relieved to have a chance at a fresh start. However, the last thing she expected was to meet the endearingly attractive brother of the Duke of Grenfell, Isaac, who desperately wants to buy their house. Just when their passionate affair starts to grow, things take an unexpected turn for the worst, as Louisa’s father suffers an apoplectic attack and comes close to death. Suddenly, Louisa must find the strength to grow beyond her age, as her father can no longer financially support them. She is forced to face what seems like a dead-end option; to accept a very wicked offer from a man who wishes to ruin Isaac. In return, he promises to marry Louisa and restore her family back into society. Will Louisa follow her fiery heart and surrender to her burning desire? Or will she jump at the chance to pull herself out of her ruinous life?

Isaac Quince, the younger brother of the Duke of Grenfell, is destined to become a lawyer. When he hears about a house on sale, he instantly wants to buy it, but it’s not only the investment property he has his eye on… More importantly, he wants to use the purchasing process as an excuse to casually court the family’s seductive daughter who stole his heart from the moment he laid eyes on her. Even though he has noticed her before and felt the electrifying connection, he never had an excuse to get close to her. This time though, he intends to win not only her body, but her fiery heart as well. The only obstacle is Stephen Strandmere and his long-standing grudge against Isaac, which makes him capable of anything that would guarantee Isaac’s financial and social failure. Will Isaac manage to convince Louisa he is her sizzling soul mate before it’s too late?

Torn between her family, the man she loves and the man who promises to save her, Louisa must make a decision. And she’d better make the right one, as just a tiny mistake can blow everything up. With Isaac’s and Louisa’s rivalry transforming into burning desire, it is clear that it is too late to resist their overwhelming connection. When every thrilling kiss sparks hotter desire, will Isaac and Louisa’s love endure this temptation? Or will Stephen manage to destroy this passi��fair once and for all?”

“For a Lady’s Lust” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Lady’s Touch of Sin

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When her mother finds out that she was involved in a frantic love triangle, Marta Schnitzler is instantly being cast from her Austrian home. What awaits her is her Aunt Margaret, a tittering woman with an earnest responsibility to find Marta a match, against her wishes. While the blue-eyed beauty desperately tries to escape from her future misery, a very dashing man shows up in her life, but, to her misfortune, he is not the one her Aunt has chosen for her. But when her Aunt insists so much on a particular engagement with a Duke, should she just give up to the tantalizing stranger she just met or should she fight to satisfy the burning passion she holds for him?

Baldwin Terrence is a successful businessman and the future heir to his ducal estate. When his best friend’s cousin comes unexpectedly to visit, he finds himself surprisingly stricken by her stunning eyes, and the connection between them is electrifying. Her beauty is irresistible and tests his willpower at every turn. She’s everything Baldwin is not: a spitfire, compassionate, apt to dream and gossip and live loudly and grandly. Of course, she catches the eye of nearly every important member of society, including the dastardly Duke, Lewis Remington. The only thing he knows is that he is determined to possess her, at any cost. Will he convince her that the haven she’s longed for all her life may be lying in his arms?

Thus begins a tale of lust and heartache, full of passionate moments. But soon their burning promises are all they have left. Caught between her past and her future, Marta must decide whether she’s willing to let go of the life she knew for a love sh��thought she would find. But in the end, is the choice actually hers to make? Torn between her Aunt’s will and what she desires, she has to choose between the man who sets her heart on fire and the one she despises. But can this undeniable desire between them really be buried? Will their love prove strong enough to shatter every obstacle in their way?

“A Lady’s Touch of Sin” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Wicked Lord who Loved Her

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Julianna’s life flipped upside down when her scandalous affair with a Lord’s son, who promised to marry her, didn’t end up the way she expected. Their future was ruined when his parents forced him into an engagement with a young lady of status. But true love always finds its way, and Juliana soon finds herself trapped in a painful dilemma that will question her very values. In an unexpected twist of events Richard is willing to fight for their love once again. Will she give a second chance to the man of her dreams?

Richard Frost is a dazzling young man who enjoys the company of young Ladies. But, when he is forced to marry a wealthy woman, as society imposes, he has no choice but to succumb to his parents’ will. Luckily, when Richard’s fiancé finds out that his father’s gambling habits have ruined them, she calls off the engagement in an instant. Richard feels it is high time he won Julianna’s heart back, even though he knows he is playing with fire. When their paths cross once more, he is sure that nothing has changed, but reality proves him wrong. How far will he go in order to prove himself to the woman he loves and win her back?

Fate meant for them to find each other again, but Richard knows he has to fight a very difficult battle. Will Julianna let go of the pain and guilt that has swallowed her? A chance at love may finally be within reach for Richard and Julianna, as the sizzling passion still flares between them. With everyone and everything set against them, will they dare to give love a second chance?

“The Wicked Lord who Loved Her” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Too Scandalous to Marry a Duke

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In an instant, Miss Nicolette De Burgh’s world turned upside down, when her dea�� passed away. A few years later, her father remarried and as if this was not enough, her new step sister, Miss Daniella, has been trying to prove her superiority in every way possible ever since. However, tensions will run high when Nicolette meets Daniella’s childhood friend, the dashing Mr. Eric Masters, future heir to the Duke of Terrace. When her eyes meet his dazzling blue eyes, desire instantly sparks inside her. Will she fight a love that makes her heart flutter? Or will Nicolette let Daniella win this time?

Mr. Eric Masters is an attractive young man with a lopsided grin that makes young ladies lose control of themselves. Although he strives to make his parents proud, his playful nature renders him unwilling to give up his freedom just yet. Forced by his parents to find a suitable match and trapped in an undesirable future, Eric never expected to be introduced to an alluring Lady, who will make his heart shiver. Much to his surprise, he finds himself lost in a game of love and passion. Nicolette is fiery enough to drive a Duke to his knees…but will she manage to make Eric reconsider marriage?

A series of unexpected events will lead the two stepsisters to war, fighting for the heart of the dashing Duke-to-be. Trying to endure all the obstacles that emerge, Eric and Nicolette find themselves closer to each other than ever, and desire can no longer be denied. Will they withstand Daniella’s scrutiny? Or will Nicolette have the last word?

“Too Scandalous to Marry a Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Bewitching Lord of Her Own

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Ada Taylor has learned the hard way how to take care of herself. She was dreaming of marrying for love, but her father passed away before she found her perfect match, and she was left penniless. Ada had to make her own way, and became a lady’s companion to Mrs. Statham and Mrs. White. But little did she know that she would meet a very scandalous man who would set her heart on fire. Will the passionate Ada manage to find the love of her dreams after all?

Lord Flynt Statham’s mother and aunt have had enough of his bad reputation. His behaviour has been detestable ever since his return home from the Napoleonic Wars. In order to keep his inheritance, they force him to marry a lady’s companion, hoping that her pure heart will make him a better man. Even though he has no interest in finding a wife, when he sees Ada he knows what he must do. Will this wicked man be tamed by the fiery Ada, or will their torrid personalities clash?

Just when Flynt starts to truly care about his captivating wife, his troubled past comes looking for him, in the form of his “first” wife. But what will happen when he cannot recall ever marrying this woman? Even though Flynt says that she is an impostor, Ada feels devastated and betrayed by his lies. Will he ever convince her that he is a changed man, or will their delirious lust be vanished forever?

“A Bewitching Lord of Her Own” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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To Tempt a Dashing Lord

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With no dowry to speak of, Miss Catherine Hall has become quite desperate as she will most likely never marry. Her brother, the Earl of Sedgewick, has squandered their family’s fortunes, leaving Catherine no other option but to seek employment as a companion for Lady Evergreen. But Catherine’s foreseeable life will change forever when she meets the dashing Lord Kingston. Every time their eyes meet a fire starts deep inside her chest. Will this seductive young man awaken feelings insi��hat she could never dream of?

Lord Marcus Kingston, has returned from the Peninsula, to take up his position as the Viscount of the Ralston estate and take care of his infant nephew after his brother’s sudden death. Marcus can’t raise the child all alone and he’s desperately in need of a wife. Even though the tempting Catherine seems to be the perfect bride, he highly doubts his decision to marry a Lady he feels very attracted to, but barely knows. Will he manage to turn this unexpected marriage into a passionate one?

Lost in their lust for each other, both Catherine and Lord Kingston will have to make big decisions that will dramatically change their lives. Torn between burning passion and desire for more, will they regret this marriage, or will it turn out to be greater than they could ever imagine?

“To Tempt a Dashing Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Viscount’s Bet of Seduction

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Silas Sweet is the heir to the Viscount of Thornbridge, and a chronic disappointment to his father. His favorite things in life are his bachelorhood and bets. After losing a hunting bet to his friend, Silas has to make Lucy fall in love with him. He is secretly attracted to Lucy already, so he’s more than happy to be the one who steals her heart away. Will he manage to win this game of seduction?

Lucy Wilds is a happy spinster who has more opinions than many people think appropriate. She has vowed to never wed, but the moment she meets Silas, she finds herself swept off of her feet. Even though she swore she will be single and happy for life, the undeniable passion she feels will make her lose her mind. But even when Silas proves to be secretive, why does his love still feels like exactly what she needs?
%��n this pair unites, the temptation is too strong to resist and soon, they find themselves in the ashes of their passion… Until she finds out the truth. Silas will attempt to make amends with Lucy, but this fiery young Lady won’t be easy to handle. Will his secret lead to their demise? Or can the fiery Lady find it in her heart to forgive the man who has claimed her body, her mind and soul?

“A Viscount’s Bet of Seduction” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Duke’s Tempting Bride

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When his wife was mysteriously murdered, Lord Fitzwilliam Mavis, Duke of Chatham, became a young widower at the age of thirty-one. Even though he was absolved of any involvement in her death, he was socially stigmatized, living like an almost recluse for some years now. When his solitude gets too much to handle, he knows he needs to move on and find himself a wife. Destiny will bring him in front of a mysteriously seductive young lady. Could this passionate but unusual bride set his heart on fire?

Miss Diana Casey may be forced to marry the Duke to soothe her father’s financial troubles, but she has no plans to fall for him. She is a rather unconventional young lady who doesn’t like to be told what to do. With her ravishing body and wild passion, Diana is as innocently alluring as she is forbidden. Will there ever be anyone that will change her mind?

Their arranged marriage will prove to be more than they expected. Diana is ready to go where fate takes her, to leave everything behind, even propriety, in her desire for this handsome, honorable widower. What can an empty soul offer a tempting woman? Fitz’s burning passion for Diana is undeniable, but there’s still something that holds him back. Da��fer his bruised heart as well as his body? The answers to their questions may be found in an unlikely place: in each other’s arms. Are these two fierce souls finally ready to be schooled in the art of passion?

“The Duke’s Tempting Bride” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Matter of Honor and Passion

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Sir Laurence Jameson was always a successful negotiator and his reward for it was a title and acres of land, ascending him into the stratosphere of the social elite. When an accident during a wild storm renders him amnesiac, with no recall of either his recent or distant past, his life will change forever. Rescued at the last moment, destiny brings Laurence, a seductive lady to his side, to care for him. Why does he feel such an instant attraction though? Was this accidental meeting a coincidence or was it meant to be?

Recently freed from her position due to the death of her employer’s father, Harriet is experiencing first-hand the hardships of being a fiery woman with neither a name nor any prospects of a suitor. Life will bring her to the nursing bed of the dashing Sir Laurence, with the only aim to bring him back to good health. Her task will prove to be unexpectedly challenging, as the sizzling passion between them is undeniable. But when his darkest secret is revealed, will she give him a second chance?

Once Laurence regains his memory, she will find out that he is the notorious Sir Laurence she’s been fighting against for months, petitioning against his land development. Harriet’s own romantic feelings will be thrown into chaos when she realizes who she has been helping. Will Sir Laurence reciprocate the love and kindness he has received? Or will he ignore his chance�� love again over his lust for money and power?

“A Matter of Honor and Passion” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Romancing an Alluring Lady

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Lord Hugh Blackmore, Duke of Ormondene, is a serial womanizer, hard gambler and mighty risk taker. If he wasn’t part of the aristocracy, he would be a laughable dandy or maybe even a highwayman, just for the sake of adding some meaning to his life. His longest friend, Miss Katherine Worthington, is also his childhood companion and secret crush. She just happens to be the hottest talk of the town, and the most eligible lady in waiting. Does Hugh have any chance to seduce her and steal her heart?

Miss Katherine Worthington, “Kitty” to her friends, has grown into the perfect specimen of womanhood, with more than her fair share of ideal suitors. A tomboy as a girl, she finds high society awkward, but her ravishing beauty and perfect voice see her in high demand as both guest and entertainment at the highest level in London. When Lord Blackmore expresses his interests, Kitty is flattered, but reminds him of his terrible shortcomings as a gentleman. Will she manage to stay true to her word and resist the temptation?

He is so willing to marry Kitty that he vows to change, and makes a promise. If he can make her change her mind in just seven days, they will be married next Sunday. A week proves to be enough for the pair, with the hand of fate seeing both experience paradigm shifts. Hugh reforms himself, and Kitty feels she had overlooked the most promising man in the world. Has her other half been in front of her the whole time? Can a childhood friendship turn into a love that they have never dreamt of?

“Romancing an Alluring Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Taming The Wicked Duke

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After his father’s death, excessive drinking and gambling have become everyday habits for Duke Somerton. Τhe grief had been unbearable, and the loneliness had overcome him. An empty bottle was his only company, while his life the past few months has been a blurred memory. Duke Somerton will deny the consequences of his own afflictions until he finds himself in a battle he cannot face alone. When ��Lady will appear aiming to drag him out of his misery, will he give himself a second chance?

Sarah Egerton, secretly known as Lady Villanere to the elite, is desperately unhappy with how boring her life has become as of lately. When she sees the Duke’s plight, she instantly thinks that it’s the perfect opportunity to extend her counselling services with his case. Her task will prove to be more challenging than she expected as the Duke is certain that he needs no help, especially from a woman’s hand. Will she be able to give him his old life back?

When reality hits him, he will still be judgemental of her methodologies which seem to tease and even belittle him at times. The Duke’s health is her main focus, but she finds her overflowing feelings for him too hard to ignore. They are a match made in heaven, but will they finally allow their connection to unfold into all of its glory and madness? And is love enough to keep these two passionate lovers together against all odds?

“Taming the Wicked Duke” is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

“Taming The Wicked Duke” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Enticing the Fiery Lady

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Evelynn James is not known for her large dowry, but she is a rather passionate and intelligent lady, resolute in her stance to choose her significant other on her own. When she’s invited to the Spring Soiree, she is determined not to allow herself to partake in such a ridiculous pageantry. But once her eyes fall upon the most attractive gentleman in the whole mansion, she loses all sense of propriety and e��to a wager with him. Torn between passion and logic, will she be able to see what’s best for her future?

Robert Christopher is a wealthy bachelor and the last eligible son from the Christopher brothers. In his mother’s opinion, it’s about time he found the perfect match, but he desperately wants to escape the Soiree that is specifically hosted so that he can pick a wife. All up until he comes across a fiery lady, who captures his attention with her wit and intelligence, and she instantly grows a fire inside him. Everything seems perfect, until Robert discovers a dark secret which can destroy their newfound happiness. Will he decide to bury it to the ground or spill the beans and face the consequences?

This dark secret brings Evelynn and Robert together in a way they could never have expected. They know that if their secret gets revealed, many lives will be ruined, including theirs. Will Robert be able to stay true to his heart while being loyal to his family? Will they be able to finally satisfy the burning desire they hold for each other, or will their love be lost in the ages?

“Enticing the Fiery Lady” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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To Unleash a Lady’s Hidden Desire

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Roger Egerton, the most wanted Duke in London, was terribly saddened by the loss of his dear parents. Hopefully, his sister’s more romantic and idealistic view of the world dragged him out of his misery. He longed to achieve his own happiness too, but finding a perfect match for his sister, Selina, must come first. While everything seems to go as planned, there is something devilish behind the scenes, ready to destroy their happy reverie. How cruel can fate be to a man who already experie��s in the most brutal way?

Miss Jessie Jones and Selina grew up together and became best friends for life. In fear that her secret love for the Duke could ruin their friendship, she never expressed her true feelings. But when Selina goes missing, she has no other option than to work along with the Duke to find her. Will she be able to hide her sizzling desire for him? Or will she blow everything up?

The Duke found himself in a battle he could not face alone. But when she gets butterflies in her stomach every time he’s around, will she be able to behave herself, and help him solve the mystery? He will need all of his strength to navigate through this situation, and true love would definitely have to wait for the right and proper time. But what if the Duke feels the same temptation when she’s around, and he can’t wait anymore? Will he risk it all for love?

“To Unleash a Lady’s Hidden Desire” is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

“To Unleash a Lady’s Hidden Desire” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Pirate’s Tantalizing Passion

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Miss Maria, daughter of Lord and Lady Willcox has been regretting her scandalous behavior the past summer, which cost her a possible match. On the bright side though, she now has plenty of time to think about her future. As Maria ventures out for a stroll through the market of Portsmouth, along with her brother and her best friend, the last thing she would expect was an ambush of pirates. In an attempt to flee the chaos, Maria comes face to face with the most handsome��’s ever seen. His eyes tantalize her. Will she be able to resist this forbidden temptation?

When James, a pirate who has traveled from the Barbary Coast to the British Islands, sees Maria he can’t help but think that he’s never seen a more beautiful creature ever in his life. His tanned skin, long brown hair and his mysterious green eyes make him the most wanted pirate in town. But from the moment he spotted her, he knew she should be his, at any cost. How much will he be willing to risk for her?

As Maria is thrown into a whole new world where survival becomes crucial, she’ll quickly realize that there is a whole other side to the man that kidnapped her. The more Maria tries to escape, the more her heart beats in an insane speed for the man with the dark, green eyes. What kind of games will fate play?

“A Pirate’s Tantalizing Passion” is a Regency romance full of passion, forbidden love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

“A Pirate’s Tantalizing Passion” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Risking it All for the Sinful Earl

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Since Lady Emilia Grey and her brother lost their parents at a young age, a simple life without privilege or tradition is all that she’s known. But all she ever wanted is a loving home to call her own. So, it comes as a surprise when she catches the eye of the most powerful man in London at the ball that Lady Constance Belmore organised. What does the future hold for her after that fateful meeting?

Lord Joshua Pembroke, Earl of Derby, is a powerful man who is no stranger to high society. In fact, he governs it��t comes to women, the Earl can pick and choose as he pleases. But upon seeing Emilia, a woman unlike any other he has ever met, a fire will start inside him. Lord Joshua is certain that he will have her. But how far is he willing to go to get her?

When blackmail is the tool used to get Emilia, there’s no going back. Is their undeniable attraction enough to make a forced marriage succeed? Does she have the courage to give full rein to her deepest desires? When it comes to the union between Emilia and the Earl of Derby, all bets are off.

“Risking it All for the Sinful Earl” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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A Secret Deal with the Devilish Baron

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Isabel’s world turns upside down when she finds out her brother lost everything in gambling with the most notorious Baron in town. Fierce like a tiger, she storms into the Baron’s estate to regain her pride and property, but instead of the scandalous scoundrel she expected to meet, she finds a broken man trying to hide his scars. Will she eventually be the one to heal his broken soul?

The rumors of his bad behavior make the Baron a person to be feared. When he gets to see Isabel, intrigued by her reckless personality, he has an offer for her; she must become a companion to his ailing sister, and live in his estate until he says otherwise. But with every moment he shares with this passionate lady, Baron’s bad manners turn into admiration for her…and more. Will he be able to handle this sizzling passion?

Isabel surprisingly finds out that everything in the Baron’s estate is not as it seems to be. As time goes by, she finds herself falling for the Baron’s charm, but not before she berates him for his ignoble behavior. Will she be able to make him open his heart to love again? While everything seems to be going out of control, can Isabel take the reins and steer her life towards the future she dreams of? 

A Secret Deal with the Devilish Baron” is a Regency romance full of passion, love, and intrigue. If you like fierce heroines and heartbroken lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

“A Secret Deal with the Devilish Baron” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Scandalous Life of a Betrayed Heiress

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Sophia Barberry is an American Heiress of the highest order, but she’d much rather spend her time with her nose in a book. When her father seals an alliance with Lord Timothy, the future Duke of Cumberland, Sophia embraces her fate. But the heiress’ new life ends up being far less grand than she ever imagined. Her new husband proves himself to be distant and refuses to embrace his duty. When she becomes closer and closer to the Duke’s brother, will the gap of her non-existent husband be filled?

Philip, the Duke’s military-minded brother, with no riches to call his own, had no choice but to turn into a soldier. Having served a long time overseas he took the decision to have some time off with his brother. As a soldier, he tends to find Americans rebellious and unsophisticated, which creates an undeniable tension between him and his brother’s wife. With time, this friendship will turn into something dangerous for both of them. Is this relationship worth risking everything he has?

In a world where secrets cannot be revealed and hidden desires are forbidden, Sophia discovers that there’s much more to her new life in Britain than meets the eye. Caught between the ignorance of her husband and the love of his brother, will she choose to risk it all for passion?

“The Scandalous Life of a Betrayed Heiress” is a Regency romance full of mystery, love and adventure. If you like powerful heroines and mysterious lovers, then you’ll adore Lucy Langton’s Regency tale.

“The Scandalous Life of a Betrayed Heiress” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Seduced by the Devilish Lord

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When a letter arrived in Emily’s hands, her whole world was shaken. Her engagement to Lewis, the son of the Earl of Huntingdon was brazenly cancelled and her life spiraled down. All she was left with is her family and writing. Now, she has no option but to try and stand on her own feet again. Will she be able to overcome rejection and find true love again?

Charles Scarsdale is the second son of the Duke of Richmond, but if he had not been born a peer, it would have made no difference to him. After meeting Emily in the most unlikely of situations there is an instant passion growing between them. Charles is desperately searching for a good manuscript, and he is lucky enough to finally find it. But, is it a coincidence that the manuscript is written by the passionate young Lady or pure fate?

Life h��ng when love is in it but what happens when the demons refuse to leave, and the devil follows you wherever you go. Will Emily and Charles be able to overcome their obstacles and live happily ever after?

“Seduced by the Devilish Lord” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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The Forbidden Passion of a Governess

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When Emilia Steward is relieved of her post as governess in the Hutchinson family, she finds herself accepting a new position. Upon entering Glastonbrook though, she instantly becomes aware that the mansion is gloomy and neglected, due to an unsolved murder that took place within its walls. Adding to her troubles, she can’t deny her immediate attraction towards the dark and mysterious current Earl of Cunningham. When her secret passion is reciprocated, will she surrender to it? Is the lure of a forbidden romance enough for a chance of true love?

Joshua Forest lost his parents under mysterious circumstances at a young age. Ever since, he has been the sole guardian of the Cunningham name and his younger sister as well. When he hires a governess to teach his sister before entering society, he does not expect a ravishing beauty to show up at his door. Their tension-filled encounters make his yearning stronger and stronger but he cannot succumb to the temptation. Will he let the captivating governess in, and allow her to help him escape the ghosts of his past?

They may come from different classes, but neither can deny the immediate attraction between them. For a chance of a future together, they need to work alongside to let go of their past and solve the mystery surrounding the mansion. Until then though, can they resist the temptation, or is their connection too strong to control?
%��“The Forbidden Passion of a Governess” is a historical romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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  1. Loved “Enchanted by a Fiery Lady”. . . It was a captivating read and I couldn’t put it down. Probably shouldn’t start reading in the evening ‘coz makes for a very LATE bedtime:-). Keep up the great, creative work. I’m looking forward to ‘The Forbidden Passion of a Governess’,
    AJ R

  2. I have just finished reading The Forbidden Passion of a Governess and would like to expressed how much i enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of your books

  3. I am reading Desiring a Forbidden Lady – it appears that the book hasn’t been edited. There are so many misspelled words and words not used properly that I am surprised it was published like this.

    1. Thank you for your review, my dear Pennie.

      I really appreciate your honest feedback! It’s always welcome, as it helps me become better and better.

      I’ll check with my editor about these.

      Have a lovely day!

  4. I am currently slogging through Enchanted by a Fiery Lady. I would like to know how many chapters are in this book.

  5. I have just finished reading merchants scheme of desire. But I canot download the extended epilouge please can you help. Thank you

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