Desiring A Forbidden Lady (Preview)

Chapter One

Lord Daniel Mavis, Earl of Prescott, walked the empty halls of his manor in the countryside as he made his way to the study. It was another beautiful spring day as morning sunlight poured in through the many open windows of the large estate. He’d requested the windows to be open to let in as much as fresh air as the days continued to grow warm. The mixture of the fresh scent of spring and the solution that was used to polish the wooden floors was a pleasing smell to Daniel as he walked through his manor to the desired room. 

Prescott Manor had been in his family’s care for over three generations. As the sole heir to the manor and title of Earl, Daniel had gone to great lengths to ensure that the estate remained in its best condition. The wooden floors throughout the house were cleaned and polished regularly, even though he hardly had guests in the countryside. He knew that most of society had changed floors from wooden to marble to reflect French influence on the country despite the war. However, Daniel was determined to keep things the way they were at his manor and not allow changing influences to affect his childhood home. 

Portraits lined the hallways of past family members and landscapes of Prescott. They were like old friends greeting him as Daniel made his way through the house. The paintings were the same from when he was young, the frames polished and the portraits dusted on a regular basis, as per his request. The curtains in the rooms, most particularly the drawing and sitting rooms, were taken down once a month and scrubbed even though he rarely smoked his pipe and guests to Prescott Manor were few and far between. 

As Daniel finally reached the study at the end of the long main hallway, he entered a space he could easily picture his father in. Though his parents had both passed five years ago, he felt their memories still close to him. Countless times he’d found his father in the study, mulling over papers of business and always willing to teach Daniel the management of the Earldom. Daniel paused at the doorway to the study and smirked, thinking of all the times he’d sat beside his father and reviewed papers and letters from the tenants. His father had always wanted to make sure all was well within their lands. 

Now, Daniel positioned himself beyond the mahogany desk that was inlaid with green velvet. On top of the desk was a stack of letters he needed to reply to, and a good many still to open. He knew he could have left all manners of business to his trusted steward, but found that being more hands on with his enterprises kept him focused and out of trouble, unlike other Earls his age of twenty and eight years. Daniel didn’t travel to town except for matters of business, or to attend social gatherings to keep up appearances with the Ton. He stayed away from gambling halls and all matters of temptation. 

The study was lined with bookshelves of ledgers that he could refer to in order to discover trends through the years. All the history of Prescott Manor was kept in the study for quick access. He felt his father had prepared him well for the position of Earl, to include what his future would hold for him. Daniel sighed as he glanced at the letters, knowing that not all of them were letters of business. He also had quite a lot of letters from the Chance family and the upcoming Season in Town. 

Daniel’s late father had been a close friend of Lord Philip Chance, Earl of Bentley. Lord Chance’s estate was riding distance from Prescott, and Daniel used to frequent the estate when his father was alive. It was when he had reached manhood that his father had confessed to him that Margret Chance, Lord Chance’s daughter, was his intended. That their marriage had been planned in his infancy. Having a great sense of honor, Daniel hadn’t argued or put up a fuss. He knew it was the tradition of families of wealth and thought that marrying the daughter of an Earl was a reasonable choice. 

However, now that the time drew near for their wedding, their engagement already being announced in the papers, Daniel had a strange feeling of dread every time he thought of Margret Chance gracing the halls of his manor each day. Though a beautiful woman with hair the color of roasted chestnuts and matching depths of brown in her eyes that could entice any young man, Daniel knew much of the young woman’s character over the years. 

Daniel knew the young lady was a materialistic woman who enjoyed the finer things in life. Granted, her father could easily afford such luxuries and her mother was very encouraging of such an outlook on life. Daniel would describe Margret as very fashion forward and always looking to impress those gathered in a room. She was skilled at the pianoforte, which was a common indulgence of young unmarried women to serenade a prospective suitor. 

Though Daniel would honor his family and his father’s dying wish that he marry Margret, he found no pleasure in it. He figured Prescott Manor was big enough for the two of them to be married but live their own separate lives. Perhaps at some point Daniel would be able to love Margret, no doubt when she started to birth their children. He even wondered if married life would make Margret more attractive to him in the sense that her silly ideologies would fade away and she would become easier to love when she wasn’t so focused on the style of her gown or the way her hair had been done that day. More than anything, he hoped she wouldn’t become such a gossip like he knew Lady Chance was. 

“Morning, my Lord,” greeted Mr. Luke, the butler for Prescott Manor. He brought in a breakfast tray and set it on the edge of the large mahogany desk before bowing his head. 

“Good morning, Mr. Luke. How does the day fair for you?” Daniel asked as he pushed the matter of his upcoming wedding out of his mind and pulled the tray forward. He lifted the silver lid off the porcelain plate and set it aside to reveal a wonderful assortment of breakfast sausages, poached eggs, and buttered toast. As he waited for his food to cool, he poured himself a cup of black tea and added a bit of fresh cream. 

“The day is well, thank you. Johnathan is packing your trunks as we speak for your upcoming trip to Town. The carriage will be ready for you by mid-afternoon to start your travels,” Mr. Luke explained. “The majority of the staff has left this morning for Town to prepare the townhouse for your arrival.” 

Daniel nodded before taking a sip of tea, appreciating the morning reports. “Thank you, Mr. Luke. See to it that all further posts are rerouted to my townhouse. I filed the update with the postmaster, but I’m sure some letters will be lost nonetheless.” 

“With your engagement announced, I’m sure most will know you’ll soon be in town,” Mr. Luke said with a smirk. Daniel nodded, averting his eyes. The staff was certainly excited for a new lady of the house and the prospect of children soon. Daniel was trying not to show his uneasiness about it all to his butler. 

“That is a good point,” Daniel said with a forced smile as he took another sip of his tea. 

“You know, it is not uncommon for a man to be nervous when preparing to be married,” Mr. Luke spoke up just as Daniel was about to take a bite of breakfast sausage. 

Daniel put down his fork and looked up at his butler, seeing the graying around his temples when his hair was normally black as coal. Dressed in his livery attire, Mr. Luke was always punctual and dressed for every occasion, even though there was rarely an occasion at Prescott Manor. 

“I thank you for your advice,” Daniel said with a nod. Mr. Luke was always someone Daniel knew he could talk to if he needed guidance. Yet, he didn’t feel comfortable sharing his deep feelings with the man. 

“Enjoy your breakfast, my Lord,” Mr. Luke said with a bow before leaving Daniel in peace. 

Daniel focused on his breakfast, trying not to worry about his upcoming trip and all the events that would soon ensue in regard to his marriage. The event itself wouldn’t take place until the end of the Season in Town, a very traditional thing to do. Therefore, he had all the Season to hopefully get to know Margret better and if fate were in his favor, he would fall in love.

When Daniel was finished with his breakfast, having mopped up the running egg with his toast and consumed two cups of tea, he placed everything aside on the breakfast tray and turned his thoughts and focus to the letters of business on his desk. With a fresh stack of writing paper to his right, his inkpot in front of him, and a fine quill in his hand, he began addressing the letters. 

Most of the letters were from his various tenants who had written him informing him of the current state of their affairs. Most had overcome the winter months without any issues and now were preparing the land for the spring planting. However, there were two families who had lost loved ones during the winter, causing them to experience a grim turn of events. It was these tenants that Daniel would write and assure them they would be taken care of. 

Daniel’s father had taught him from a young age that it was the Earldom’s tenants that allowed for their family to live a life of luxury. However, all of what they had would quickly go away if they didn’t take care of their tenants in return. Daniel therefore made sure all the many tenants were taken care of so they could continue their way of life. It was a circle of sorts that Daniel felt he played an instrumental part in. If he kept up his part of the circle, his fortunes would continue to be strong. 

Daniel ran his fingers through his dark brown hair as he turned his focus then to letters of social matters. With the news of his engagement, and soon travels to Town, he’d already started to receive letters of invitation to different social events, from balls to charity galas, that would take place at the popular Hyde Park. Daniel knew that being present at these events would do a great deal to sustain his reputation with the Bon Ton of Town – the elite of society who deemed whether a person was worthy of their title, and who could destroy a family with a slip of gossip that could circulate faster than water going down a drain. 

The worst part about residing in Town was having to deal with the Ton and the rampant circulation of gossip. No one could be certain what was true or false when words were whispered between the wealthy women of society. But gossip was often published in the many papers of Town, and he wished never to be seen in the papers if it was not for his benefit. He’d worked hard to maintain his reputation and the name of Prescott. Therefore, he always made sure to be very careful when he was in Town. 

As he sifted through the letters, he only focused on those from very elite families that had great reputations from what he’d learned from the papers and his business relations in Town. He would be appearing in society with Margret at his side and needed her to be introduced to the best of the best. Daniel had plans for his future bride to ensure they had a good reputation at the beginning of their marriage. And though he didn’t plan to spend much time in Town in the future, preferring the quiet of his countryseat, he wanted to leave Town with that good reputation intact. 

Reputation had been very important to his father, and therefore was very important to Daniel. He strived to uphold the honor of his family in all ways that he could. This wedding would be the longest amount of time he’d been in Town since his father had passed away. It also meant a new chapter in his life. Though he liked to think that his life would continue as normal once he and Margret returned to Prescott Manor, he would also be mindful of his new wife and her needs and wants. As long as his family name stayed out of the gossip trains and the muck, he would be happy. 

“My Lord,” Mr. Luke spoke up as he came into his study. “A letter from Lord Chance.” The butler came forth and produced the letter before bowing and removing the breakfast tray from his desk. Daniel waited until he was alone before he opened the letter and read it slowly aloud. 

“Dear Lord Mavis,

What great joy I have as I write this letter. My family and I prepare for our journey to Town this morning and look forward to seeing you at the engagement ball in a fortnight. My wife and daughter very much look forward to the event and the joining of our families. 

I have looked forward to this day with great anticipation ever since Margret was born. Joining our families together was much discussed with your parents, and I am pleased that you have committed to upholding this arrangement. 

We look forward to seeing you in Town. Miss Harmony Chance, my niece, will also be traveling to Town with us. She will be debuting this year for the Season and will be present for the wedding as well. 

Safe travels, 

Lord Chance, Earl of Bentley.” 

Daniel tried to think if he’d ever met Miss Harmony before. He knew that Lord Chance had a younger brother that was a baron of a small piece of land with only two tenants. Such was the fate of the younger brother, to inherit the lesser of the titles. When he was born, his mother said they didn’t try for any other children because a younger brother would have little to inherit and would have been left only with the options of becoming a member of the cloth or joining the militia. 

Of all the times he’d been to Bentley Manor, he hadn’t met the Earl’s niece. He had heard Margret speak of her before, that she was a close friend, and her father was very doting of her since her father didn’t have much means. Other than that, Daniel had no thoughts surrounding the young lady and only hoped she would be of good company. 

Feeling no need to reply to the Earl’s letter when they would soon meet in Town, Daniel rose from his desk, his morning routine of business finally coming to an end. Managing the Earldom was not a business that took all his time. After reviewing letters in the morning and penning about a dozen responses, he took to his favorite pastime. 

With his riding boots on, Daniel picked up his leather gloves at the door along with his riding coat. The spring air still nipped when he went horseback riding. As the footman opened the front door for him, he stepped out in the late morning sun and enjoyed the feeling of the sunlight on his skin. England could be such a dreary place, with plenty of cloud cover, but today seemed to be very bright and sunny without a cloud in the sky. 

“My Lord,” the stable hand said in greeting as he came to the stables. Daniel was pleased to see that his chestnut gelding was already prepared and saddled for his late morning ride. He took the reins of the horse and thanked the stable hand before walking the horse out of the stable and towards the riding trail. 

It was while horseback riding that Daniel felt like he was completely free. He pushed his gelding into a fast gallop along the riding path that wound around his estate. As they disappeared into a dense part of the forest, the sun was blocked, and the air became cool. Everything that concerned Daniel faded away. He wasn’t dreading the upcoming wedding or being seen in Town for such an extended period of time. He didn’t worry about the upcoming balls, galas, and trips to the theater to keep up appearances. The only thing that had Daniel’s attention was the pace of the horse, the direction they were going, and what was coming up ahead. 

Prescott Manor was host to an impressive landscape that had been a painter’s inspiration. With rolling hills, forests, and several ponds that were well stocked, Daniel was well pleased with his ability to keep up the grounds surrounding the manor. It was always pleasant to walk through them when the rose bushes that his mother had planted were in bloom. Daniel enjoyed his time at Prescott Manor and would be content if nothing every changed. 

As Daniel eventually made his way back to the stables, needing to get ready to depart his home for Town, his thoughts turned back to Margret Chance. He hoped that her character had perhaps changed since the last time they had met during Christmas. Perhaps she had become more mature, of good character, and less materialistic. Daniel could hope for the whole world, considering how serious a commitment marriage was. The last thing he wanted to do was regret his wife for the rest of his life and become a very miserable person. Family duty or not, Daniel wanted to maintain his happiness. 

Chapter Two

Miss Harmony Chance stood in her cousin’s bedchamber as she fussed with her lady’s maid once more about the contents of her trunks. They were to leave in a few hours and Harmony thought her dear cousin Margret was being too particular. However, since they were both raised by fathers of different standing in society, Harmony deduced that Margret’s behavior was based on her upbringing and doting parents. 

“Miss Blane, please make sure my lavender velvet gown is packed. I must wear that to the first available ball,” Margret said as she thumbed through her wardrobe. Harmony didn’t think any more gowns could possibly fit in her trunks, and it seemed that everything that Margret owned had to accompany her to town. 

“Lady Margret, your mother has already stated that you shall have new gowns once you arrive to Town and are fitted with the Season’s trends,” Miss Blane reminded her, having learned to be very patient with her charge. 

“I suppose you’re right,” Margret said with a sigh. “Harmony, would you like to look through my gowns? We are of similar size and you would look rather handsome in them.” 

“Thank you, Margret,” Harmony said with a smile. “But Lady Chance has informed me as well that I shall join in your fitting. Since I shall be debuting, she is determined I need to be the bell of every ball.” 

“Oh, Harmony, you are so lucky to be attending the Season as a single young lady,” Margret said with sigh as she gave up the pursuit of rearranging her trunks and joined Harmony sitting before the fireplace. Harmony was sipping a cup of lavender tea before their long journey to Town. 

“I do consider myself lucky to be going to Town with your family,” Harmony agreed as she tucked back a loose strand of her blonde hair. “Uncle Philip is rather kind to invite me to attend with you.” 

“But I shall not enjoy the Season as I did last year, because I am already intended. No man will give me his attention. It is rather hard to flirt and feel the romance in the air when I am not paid much attention,” Margret said with a sigh. 

“What is Lord Mavis like anyways?” Harmony asked. 

“Oh, Harmony, he is the most boring of all men I have ever met. Anytime we have dined with him and his family or vice versa, I have dreaded keeping company with the man. He talks of nothing but his business and state of affairs with Father and has no real experience with society. He stays home in the country and doesn’t frequent Town,” Margret said with disdain in her voice as she fidgeted with her fingers. Harmony knew Margret was very nervous about her upcoming marriage, even if she wasn’t willing to admit it. 

“Does the man have a good reputation?” Harmony asked. Margret nodded in reply as she fixed herself a cup of tea. “And a good fortune?” 

“One of the best, according to my father,” Margret replied before sipping on her tea. She frowned and added another cube of sugar and stirred it around before resuming to drink. 

“Margret, you shall want for nothing when you are married to Lord Mavis. Though he might not be the best company, you’ll not have to fear about your future,” Harmony reasoned. Margret stilled as she looked at her cousin and then sighed as she set her cup aside. 

“Forgive me, Harmony. I often forget our differences. From your perspective, you must think I’m being quite a snob towards Lord Mavis.” 

“If I had such a good prospect, I would not speak the way you do,” Harmony reasoned. “I am the daughter of a Baron, the lowest of the classes in society. If I receive an offer of marriage from a viscount, that would be more than I could ever hope for.” 

“Harmony, with my father adding to your dowry, you shall certainly become the bell of every ball and the debutante that everyone speaks of. I should set your eyes on an earl and not consider any other others below that,” Margret said confidently, a smirk coming to her red lips. “If I cannot choose who I am to marry, then I shall ensure that you do.” 

“That is very kind of you,” Harmony said as she placed her blue eyes on the rim of her porcelain teacup. “You have always shown me the greatest kindness.” 

“Why of course,” Margret replied happily. “You are family, after all, and the closest thing I have to a sister.” 

Harmony had never met Lord Mavis before, but from her cousin’s account, he was a dreadfully boring person with no attractive qualities besides his wealth. He was also ten years older than they both were. 

“Alright darlings, let us be off,” Lady Chance said as she came into the bedchamber with an air of elegance. Both Aunt Fiona and Margret were always elegantly dressed. Even though they would be riding by carriage for the next few days to reach London, her aunt was dressed in a light blue gown of silk that almost looked like silver. On her shoulders was a white fox fur coat to protect from the chill of the spring air. 

“Has the time come already?” Margret asked as she stood. “But Miss Blane is still packing my things.” 

“Margret, your trunks need to be loaded on the carriage immediately if we are going to make good time to the first inn along our journey. Anything you might need, we can easily find in Town,” Aunt Fiona said happily, taking her daughter by the elbow and leading her from the room. “Come now, Harmony.” 

Harmony stood without speaking as she set her cup aside and followed the Countess. Harmony also thought her aunt was rather beautiful with her long dark brown hair and her stance that was ever so poised. Having been fortunate enough to have a governess, Harmony had learned much about the ways of married women and how to be a proper lady to attract a suitable husband. However, Harmony had always struggled with how she should act and the natural way she felt. 

As Harmony walked behind Aunt Fiona and Margret through the corridors of Bentley Manor, she couldn’t help but notice all the finery. Having only visited the manor for special occasions and holidays, she always marveled at the splendor of it all. 

The manor had recently been redone in the latest trends in society to include marble flooring throughout. New fabrics had been ordered for all the furniture so they could be reupholstered, and the curtains were taken down and changed to shades of greens and blues instead of the rich burgundies that used to grace the manor. Harmony had to say that the estate was much lighter than it used to be with the dark hardwood floors and the tones of red and gold. 

She held onto the rail as they went down the steps of marble towards the front door where Uncle Philip was waiting for them. He was already wearing his riding cap and jacket, seeming to be anxious to arrive in Town as soon as possible. Harmony was simply happy to be joining the family in Town and be able to get the opportunity to attend the Season. This could very well be her only opportunity to secure her future with a suitable husband of good respect. 

“Afternoon, ladies. Are we all set to make our way to Town?” Uncle Philip asked as they stepped out onto the landing and approached the front door. 

“Margret’s things will be loaded momentarily,” Aunt Fiona explained. “It shouldn’t be too much longer.”

Uncle Philip gestured towards the footmen at the door and they set off towards Margret’s bedchamber in a hurry. 

“I do want to make the Dancer Inn before nightfall,” Uncle Philip said as he turned his eyes towards Margret. “You must remember never to make your husband late when you marry.” 

“Yes, Papa,” Margret replied as she lowered her eyes. Harmony knew that her aunt and uncle had no idea how Margret felt about her upcoming marriage. Margret was doing her best to be the dutiful daughter, while inside she was dreading such a union with a man she did not love. 

“Harmony, are you looking forward to the Season in Town?” Uncle Philip asked, catching her attention as she looked away from Margret.

“Yes, Uncle. I have heard many great things about London and look forward to seeing it for myself,” Harmony said with a smile. 

“Town is not as glamorous as my wife no doubt made it sound to be,” Uncle Philip said with a chuckle. “It is a crowded place with much wealth as well as poverty. One must be careful about their surroundings.” 

“Oh, Philip. You make Town sound like a dangerous place,” Aunt Fiona tsked, shaking her head. “London is a wonderful, bustling place. There is such convenience, and many wonderful families to dine with on a regular basis. Anything can happen in a place like that.” 

“Let us be off,” Margret spoke up, her voice stiff. 

“Good idea. No point talking about the place when we have yet to leave the house,” Uncle Philip said as he led the way to the carriage. He was kind enough to help all the women up into the carriage before stepping up himself and getting comfortable next to his wife. They waited patiently for the last of the trunks to be tied on before the driver flicked the reins and set them forward towards London. 

There was peace and quiet in the carriage for a bit as it was led down the lane towards the main road. Harmony looked off in the distance, observing the vastness of the Earl’s lands. She knew not to compare such a place to her own abode. Harmony just kept reminding herself of all she had to be grateful for. Her uncle was taking her under his guardianship for the Season in the hopes she would marry well. 

Harmony had no memory of her mother, having been told she died when she was very young. Her father had gone to great lengths to provide her care and all that she needed to be raised into a fine young woman. Harmony could easily say that kindness ran in the family. Though Uncle Philip had inherited the Earldom, he had always made sure his brother and niece were well taken care of. 

Growing up, Harmony had had the opportunity to learn all sorts of things from reading, to writing, to a bit of the Italian language that her father still remembered from his own upbringing, as well as how to paint and draw. She’d been given the opportunity to learn to play the piano like Margret, but she cared little for the practice, though she loved to listen to music. 

Of all the pastimes that Harmony participated in, it would be taking long walks to gather her thoughts that she enjoyed most. From a young age, her father had always complimented her on her ability to critically think. Often sharing in the daily happenings of the estate, Mr. Chance always kept Harmony up to date on what was going on with their lands and the condition of their two tenants. Since most of the land was used for farming, together they would discuss crops, growing seasons, and the best markets to sell their produce. Her father always included her in all things, allowing Harmony to gain a better understanding of the world. 

My darling Harmony,” her father had told her before she’d left for her uncle’s estate on the other side of the village, “I am hoping that you will truly enjoy your time in Town. I hope that one day you will be married, but mindful of the gentlemen that will pay you attention. You are truly beautiful like your mother, and you will gain much attention. 

Some of the attention will be good and for your favor. You will be invited to so many parties. But women will be jealous of you and perhaps seek to ruin you by spreading gossip. You must never be caught alone with a gentleman. It is tragic how these things can happen to one who is not used to the ways of Town.” 

Father, I promise not to do anything that might be even considered scandalous,” Harmony had replied. He’d coughed then, blaming the spring allergies for plaguing him so. “Father, make sure to drink the tonic the apothecary gave you. Your allergies will get the best of you.” 

Fear not, my child. I’ll be well. Make sure to write me often so I may know how you are faring in Town.” 

Of course, Papa,” Harmony had replied before kissing her father’s cheek and making her way to her uncle’s care. 

Now, as the carriage rocked like a boat at sea as it was pulled along the main roads that would eventually lead them to Town, Harmony thought about the promises she’d made her father. She was to be on her best behavior and do her best to find a suitable match. By the end of the Season, Harmony wanted to be married to a good man much like Margret, but perhaps she could fall in love along the way. 

“Ladies, we shall have the seamstress come visit the townhouse the day after we are settled,” Aunt Fiona spoke up, perhaps finding the silence of the ride less comfortable than the rest of them. Harmony’s focus was taken away from the scenery.

“I’m curious to know what the latest fashions are,” Margret said with a smile, always having a taste for the finer things in life. 

“Fabrics are going to be so important to choose,” Aunt Fiona declared in an excited voice. “Cream silk for the finer balls, and layered greens and blues for the more common balls. Something a little acentric for the opera house, and modest gowns for walking at the park.” 

“That all sounds wonderful,” Margret replied as she leaned back and took a deep breath. 

“You should look your best this Season,” Uncle Philip said to his daughter. “This is the time before you are married and start having children of your own.” Harmony watched as Margret’s smile faded at the mention of her marriage. 

“But of course, I wouldn’t want to outshine Harmony,” Margret said, turning the conversation around. “She still needs to have all the advantages of our family to secure a suitable match.” 

“Yes, of course,” Uncle Philip said with a nod. “You shall certainly learn quite a lot in Town.” 

“You are very handsome, Harmony,” Aunt Fiona added. “I will not be surprised if your beauty attracts many suitors and invitations to social functions. Just remember your manners and you’ll have no difficulties.” 

“Yes, Aunt,” Harmony quickly replied. She wanted to reassure her aunt and uncle, just like her father, that she would always choose what was best. That if she received an offer of marriage from a fine gentleman, that she’d be quick to accept such an offer. 

Harmony tucked a strand of her blonde hair that hung in ringlets beside her face back behind her ear as she focused on the scenery once more. With her riding cloak tucked around her, she could practically fall asleep with the gentle rocking of the carriage. The bench upon which she sat was rather plush with soft fabric. Everything she happened to touch in the carriage felt soft enough to rest upon. 

“Harmony, it’s important that you know about some of the most prominent families in town,” Aunt Fiona said, getting Harmony’s attention once more. “There are several other earls in town and their families. We should happen to dine with them on occasion, and there are a few with sons, or who are eligible themselves.” 

“Are any of them handsome?” Margret asked with a giggle. 

“I suppose you could say that,” Aunt Fiona replied. Harmony knew that her aunt and cousin frequently spoke of gossip. She knew that the both of them had a wealth of knowledge when it came to life in Town. “But you shouldn’t pay too much attention over the looks of men when you are spoken for. Let Harmony have the fun this Season.” 

Margret nodded her head and looked out her window. Harmony could tell she was stunned into quiet by the comment when she normally could talk an entire evening away with her mother. Harmony wished there were something she could do to cheer her cousin up, or to save her from the predicament she found herself in. 

“Margret, you must be of sound judgement for me,” Harmony spoke up. “I shall be attending the Season for the first time; visiting Town for the first. You must be my chaperone and escort through all of this so that I might make wise decisions.” 

“Of course, dear cousin,” Margret said with a small smile on her lips as she looked at Harmony and took her gloved hand in hers. “I shall be with you every step of the way and will tell you more about the families and which ones to avoid.” They giggled over this, even causing Uncle Philip to chuckle. Harmony wasn’t sure what was going to be in store for her in Town, but she was certainly looking forward to it. 

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