Enticing the Fiery Lady (Preview)


Evelynn James looked upon her reflection in the beveled mirror that sat atop her ivory white vanity. Her satin crème dress with scalloped laced trim seemed to glow in the sunlight that filtered in through the open curtains in the late afternoon light. 

She pushed her brown hair away from her face, feeling quite unsure of herself. 

“This is it. You are seven and ten years of age and it is time for your coming out,” she said to herself. 

Evelynn tried to convince herself that this was inevitable and it was now or never during the spring season, her first season of coming out as an eligible lady of society. She would much rather be at home, reading her books and studying subjects. She enjoyed her time in the garden of the London home where she lived and was not sure if she was ready to do this; not that she had any other option. 

Her acquaintances of her age and even younger were very excited and could not wait to be out, she felt quite the opposite. She felt that marriage was in her future, but very, very, far away. She was not ready to give up her freedom to anyone, and definitely not ready to be a wife. 

“You can do this Evelynn. All that is required of you is to simply attend the assembly and get it over with.” Once she was done with that particular talk to her own reflection, she turned away from the mirror and made her way downstairs to the drawing room.

Though she had been to many events since she had been a young child, including church and social gatherings and different summer and holiday parties, this was remarkably different. This meant that she was being put on the market as a potential wife, something that scared her because she did not know how to act in such a way. 

“My Evelynn, you look very beautiful,” her mother Mrs. James said as she walked into the drawing room.

“Thank you Mother. I believe that I am ready,” Evelynn said. 

She was ready to leave the house, but definitely not ready to be handed over to a man to be his wife. She had a particular notion about what kind of man would attract her, and he must be a man of intelligence. Though so far in her experience at different social occasions she had never come across such a man, no matter his age. The only man that she respected and looked up to was not a man at all but her very young friend, who was not much older than her – Edward Stevens. He was a very agreeable and kind young man, but he was like a brother to her, and not someone that she would consider for marriage. 

Mr. James, her father, stood from his chair and sighed. “Well, Evelynn, I suppose there comes a time in a father’s life when this day will come. I hope that you will find a match of love and respect.”

“Thank you Father.”

“Yes, as long as that love and respect comes with a substantial living,” Mrs. James said.

Evelynn sighed and looked to her mother, who was already being pushy about whom she could consider for marriage. 

The James family sat in the carriage making their way into the Westminster Borough of London, where they were to attend an assembly of the elite of society. A ball, supper, and entertainment were being held in the assembly rooms. Evelynn was quite nervous upon arrival, but was glad to see that there were many carriages and many people outside the grand building for this meant that she would not be a matter of attention and would blend in.

But once inside, her mother and father made sure to introduce her to all manner of people, especially eligible bachelors. But there was not one that caught her attention through the intelligence of conversation and mind. She began to wonder, because the more gentlemen that she met, the more she doubted that she would ever find a man that would be compatible with her and place the same value she did on intelligence. Would she then be forced to marry a man of her mother’s choosing?

No. She knew that evening that she would not let anyone choose a husband for her, no matter what the traditions were. She would only allow herself to marry for love, and to spark her love would mean having to spark her intelligence, her wit, and intrigue. 

But did such a man exist? 


Three Years Later

Chapter One

Evelynn had found herself to be very fortunate, for her wish had been granted. She had retained the freedom that she had wanted for years and some time in order to figure out who she was, and she had come into her own. 

She was very happy that with each passing London season, she was not made an offer of marriage. Not that it astonished her, because she gave no encouragement to any man that she met as none of them captured her fancy. There were a few men over the years that she thought could be agreeable, but when thinking of them regarding marriage, she knew that these matches would simply for comfort and not for love. Because of this she could not allow herself to give them any sort of encouragement that she might say yes to an offer of marriage, something that her mother was very angry with her about on a daily basis, and had been since she was seven and ten years of age.

But now that she was older she felt as though she were running out of time, because her mother seemed to be putting more pressure on her than usual, even though her circumstances were not dire. 

She and her mother would not be destitute if anything should happen to her father. He had made sure of that. But still her mother very much wanted her to be married, and this evening was no different. 

“Hurry yourself up girl, we do not want to be late for this. You know how your father likes to leave early, and therefore we must get there as soon as possible,” Mrs. James said to her daughter Evelynn James as she passed by her open doorway.

Evelynn looked to her mother with the same look of annoyance that always came during one of their outings. For Mrs. James always had the maid Patty help her before she helped Evelynn. This meant that Patty had to do Evelynn’s hair in just a few minutes, instead of the long hour-and-a-half she spent helping Mrs. James get ready.

“Yes Mama, I’m coming as soon as I can,” Evelynn said standing from the vanity chair while Patty put the finishing touches on her hair. Then she moved around her bedroom in such haste that she almost tripped over the rug.

“Oh, I do not wish to start the evening with a bruised knee or black eye,” she said. “Patty, where is my maroon cloak?”  Evelynn took one last look in the mirror, pushing her chestnut hair into place, and checking her brown eyes to make sure that there was no redness in them. She had been outside in the garden and spring time had made its arrival known with an enormous amount of pollen being released by the trees.

“It is downstairs, ma’am. I will have it ready for you,” Patty said, moving out of the room.

“Thank you very much.” Evelynn said, excited that her maroon cloak would go nicely with the pale pink colored satin gown that made her pale complexion look even more delicate, and the maroon cloak would bring out a stark contrast.

A few moments later, she sat across from her mother and father in the carriage as it jostled through the streets of London, which were very wet as a slight drizzle of rain poured down upon them just a few minutes before, but that had since ceased. 

Spring was always a very wet season in London, but Evelynn found it to be very refreshing. She was not one to fuss about the rain; in fact she enjoyed it very much. She thought it did a great service to the city in washing the cobblestoned sidewalks and roads clean on a regular basis, as well as making gardens very lush and keeping the trees filled with beautiful flowers. Where other ladies might fuss that the rain ruined their shoes, Evelynn thought it was a very low price to pay for the advantages of the rain.

“Now make sure that you give every attention to every eligible gentleman in the room tonight. You will be one-and-twenty at the end of the year my dear, almost an old maid. What gentleman would have you then? You must take advantage of this spring season, no more playing around. Is that understood?” Mrs. James said sternly to Evelynn.

“Yes Mother, as you have said several times before. I understand quite deeply.”

“Now now, let the child have her fun. I have no notion of thinking that the right man will not find our little Miss Evelynn, she is quite the beauty and of strong will of mind. Do not push her,” Mr. James said.

Evelynn smiled at her father, much to her mother’s annoyance. Her father had always been on her side, as he was quite happy in their situation in life. Though they only had one child due to the difficulty that Mrs. James endured when having Evelynn, they had created a situation in which there was no pressure at all for Evelynn to marry. This was quite rare for any family, but it was something that happened more often than those in society thought.

For upon the future death of her father, Mr. James, Evelynn and her mother would not inherit from him father and would be left without a living, as happened to most women when there were no male heirs. But the James family had been lucky in family for they were not a vengeful or greedy brood. Evelynn’s uncle, Mr. Lyle James, had passed away and left everything to his own male heir, Mr. Oliver James, also the only male in the family. But Oliver was a very agreeable and happy sort of man, perhaps a man with the kindest heart that Evelynn had ever met.

Upon his father’s death, Oliver insisted that he and Mr. James, Evelynn’s father, enter into a written agreement. It stated that upon his death, he would be legally responsible for the cost of living for Mrs. James and Evelynn. Everyone was astonished by the agreement, but he insisted. Therefore the legal papers were sent about to the solicitor’s office and signed by both of them. They had a binding legal contract, and Oliver even saw to it that if he should have the misfortune to pass away, the agreement would still stand and they would be given a place to live and a living allowance per annum.

This took the pressure off Mr. James to make sure that his daughter Evelynn married wealthy in order for her not to end up on the streets. Though he still wished for her to marry well and to have a comfortable life, it was not as stressful as it had been before the agreement was made. Therefore he told Mrs. James that he saw no reason why Evelynn should not wait until she found a man that was agreeable to her. Mrs. James, however, responded with her thoughts that Evelynn should still try to catch a husband that would be a wealthy asset to her and the family, and she made it a point to continue to pressure Evelynn into a good marriage as though their lives did indeed depend on it. This was frustrating to Evelynn.

Evelynn always found herself in conflict. She had been raised to believe that it was her duty and responsibility to marry well, regardless of love. That notion took deep root inside of her, yet at the same time as she grew older she found that her heart was beginning to overtake her mind. The thought of love overtook logic the more that she learned about the world, for she was an avid reader and a person who continued to study on her own even after her governess had been released after completing her duties. 

Evelynn was in love with knowledge, and the more she read about it the more she wanted a partner in life that she could speak of such things about. She wanted a partner whose intelligence she could respect and who she could engage in philosophy and thought with. A good mind was just as important to her as a good and kind heart. Of course she could not tell her parents of her wishes when it came to a match, but there was one that she could confide in when it came to these manners; her very good friend Edward Stevens. He was a family friend, and they had grown up together and she looked upon him as a brother. He knew everything about her, and she knew about him in return. She was very excited that he would be in attendance at the party they were en route to. 

The carriage came to a slow stop, and Evelynn looked out of the window seeing the familiar red brick building that she had been to before. It was at the corner of a long line of a row of houses, the best of the best in the elite neighborhood of Kensington, where the James’ also lived.

The three-story large home was the home of General Matthews, a much celebrated General who came from family money but decided to serve his country anyway, a sacrifice that had gained him a reputation of loyalty and bravery. Therefore it made his parties in very popular demand for invitations.

This particular drum would be a gathering of high society and the elite, for conversation, cards, and refreshments. It was a very casual gathering, not a formal assembly, but because the most elite of the ton would be in attendance, even a casual gathering became one of the best in attire and the best of the ton of London.

“Look at all the officers gathered on the front steps. I believe you shall have your pick of them,” Mrs. James said to Evelynn.

“Yes, just make sure not to waste your attention on officers of the Navy, for that is a husband that would never be home and that makes for a lonely wife,” Mr. James said to his daughter.

“That is true Father, but only for a wife that would stay home. I would demand of such a husband that he take me on his adventures as well,” Evelynn said with confidence.

Mrs. James gasped. “On a Navy ship? What a scandal that would be Evelynn, no that would not do at all. I will have no gossip that a daughter of mine is on a ship surrounded by Navy men, what would they say?”

Evelynn laughed, and Mr. James restrained a laugh as well. In this moment the door was opened by the valet and the steps unlocked. Mr. James stepped out and then helped his wife and daughter out of the carriage.

Evelynn inhaled the sharp, crisp air of a wet London night in Kensington. It lent a certain magic to the night and the flicker of the torch lit street lamps gave it a sense of romance. She truly did feel grateful to be able to experience such a place and to have the freedom to have fun, for she knew that once she was given away in marriage she might not have such freedoms. This thought brought a scowl upon her face. It was like a ticking clock moving faster and faster.

“Smile girl, smile,” her mother said sternly in a whisper.

“Yes Mother,” Evelynn said and put a smile upon her face just in time to be seen by some officers who grinned and nodded in greeting from afar. 

Evelynn lowered her eyes and nodded in return as she and her family made their way up the wet stone steps to the line of people waiting at the front door. Commotion of conversation filled the night and Evelynn could hear the soft music spilling out from inside.

The music of a string quartet became louder and filled the foyer as they stepped into the grand home with polished marble floors and a grand wooden staircase, and she knew that it must be quite the gathering to engage an entire quartet instead of simply a person playing at the pianoforte. She was glad for it, because a pianoforte usually meant that the ladies in attendance would be forced to entertain and she did not like doing such a thing.

Evelynn took in the beautiful architecture of the place. There was ample room behind the staircase that seemed to break off into two small hallways on either side. Each wall was lined with very rich tapestries, and some looked to be very old indeed. Evelynn smiled, for she had not been at this particular home in all of her years of going to social engagements with her mother and father. It always made her quite excited to experience something new, and a new home in London was just as exciting to her as going to the theatre. 

She looked upon the decor of the house with great observation, as was a habit of hers any time she went into any building in London. She noticed the very fine chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, and the gilded walls adorned with fine gold leaf.

General Matthews and his wife Mrs. Matthews stood greeting all who came in. The James family allowed the servants to receive their cloaks and then took their place in line to greet the Matthews family.

Evelynn felt quite excited as she looked around the room. For her mother was right, there were many officers in attendance. But her excitement for officers wasn’t because she was focused on capturing one as a husband, but because they often had the best stories to tell because they traveled far and wide all over the country and she always enjoyed hearing of such stories. It was much better than listening to the other gentlemen who often spoke of stuffy politics and nothing more.

But as she looked around, a man caught her attention. She had never seen him before, and she knew that if she had she would remember. He stood with perfect posture speaking to another gentleman. This man was very tall, 6 feet at least, but it was not just his stature that had her attention but his eyes. She had never seen eyes so blue; it was almost startling to her. Those perfect blue eyes were set underneath very thick eyebrows that gave the man a look of brooding, like a puppy dog giving you sad eyes. His long, aquiline nose tapered perfectly down to full pink lips. His brown chestnut hair was slightly long as was the fashion of the day. He was dressed very well indeed, perhaps more so than those around him. But it was those eyes… those very deep blue eyes that she could not take her attention off.

Then the man suddenly turned toward her and locked eyes with her. Evelynn felt a flush of embarrassment wash over her, and she knew indeed that it was her stare that had caused the man to turn to her. He must have felt such a thing. Who wouldn’t, the way she had looked upon him? She quickly looked away feeling completely mortified, and gave her attention to Mrs. Matthews and greeted the woman. Perhaps tonight would be more exciting than she had previously thought?

“And this is my wife Mrs. James, and my daughter Miss Evelynn James,” her father said, introducing them. General Matthews was a new acquaintance of her father’s, having done some business with a close friend of the General’s, who had then introduced the two.

“Mrs. Matthews,” Evelynn curtsied.

“It is a pleasure, and thank you for the invitation,” Mrs. James said.

“I am delighted to have you Mr. and Mrs. James, and your beautiful daughter as well. Why, what a rose she is. Wherever have you been hiding, my dear?” Mrs. Matthews said.

Evelynn blushed, for she did not like being called out on her looks and much preferred to be complimented on her wits, but she knew how to respond to such a thing.

“Thank you for saying so Mrs. Matthews,” she said with a nod.

“I dare say the officers will be very pleased to see a fresh face among them,” Mrs. Matthews said to her.

While the Matthews engaged with her parents, Evelynn took the opportunity to scan the room once more for the handsome gentleman, but he was no longer in the area he had been in before. She immediately wondered who he was, and whether or not he had a good mind on his shoulders. 

Chapter Two

Evelynn took her father’s arm and her mother on the other arm as they walked from the entryway down a very large hallway toward the drawing room. The ceilings were quite high, and crystal sconces with cream-colored candles provided the soft glow illuminating the long corridor. Beautiful paintings of General Matthews and his family were hung along the mahogany wood paneled walls. 

There were small groups of people of two or three, stopped along the hallway, engaged in conversation on their way from or to the drawing room. Evelynn notice just how elegant the ladies dresses were as she passed. There were some in blue and white silk that she knew must have come all the way from China, according to her readings from her books. Fine netting was draped over each; a very expensive material, for it was quite laborious and took great skill. Bobbles and necklaces adorned the women in the most beautiful jewels that seemed to catch the light just right. Evelynn quite enjoyed looking upon them, and wondered where they came from – the British mines of Africa perhaps?

Many decorated officers stood about, but not just from the army, there were a few from the British Navy as well and Evelynn became quite excited that she should hear many tales of adventures abroad. At least she would not be bored at this occasion. 

Evelynn walked with her mother and father into the drawing room, where the guests that had already arrived were gathered and speaking with one another.

As she looked around she could see that people were already scattered about the very large, ornate drawing room. Some sat at card tables, playing cards and laying down bets. Others were having drinks and standing about, engaged in conversation. Several tables were set up on one end of the long room and others at the other end, both set with food and drinks to nibble on before the late supper; just a few delicacies and refreshments.

As soon as they entered, her mother and father were immediately engaged in conversation with some family friends. Evelynn looked around the room, and immediately saw her friend Edward Stevens. He smiled at her from across the room and came directly toward her.

He bowed to her, “Miss James, you look quite remarkably well this evening,” he said in a playful manner.

“As do you, Mr. Stevens. Did you come up with this all by yourself?” Evelynn teased him indicating his tailored tail coat and waistcoat.

“I do have a talent for dressing myself. I am at least lucky enough to have that skill.” He teased her back. This was their occasion of banter and had been since they were very young.

They both fell into a slight fit of laughter, while trying not to make a scene by laughing too hard.  

“Should we get some refreshment?” Edward asked her.

“Yes, I would like that very much indeed.”

Edward put his arm out and she took the offer and allowed him to escort her. They moved across the room to the table of refreshments where they both indulged in a glass of sherry. Being at the end of the room afforded them a good view of the party. They often did this, and had been doing it since they were young. Standing on the side of the room and making observations about everyone around them. It had turned into sort of a game for them.

“See that officer over there with the blond hair and very polished boots?” Edward said to her quietly. Evelynn followed his gaze toward the officer and nodded her head.

“Why, I believe that is your future husband,” he said.

Evelynn smiled, she loved anything ridiculous. “Oh is that so? And what makes you think that, if I might ask?”

 “I have heard that he is very adventurous. He has been all over Scotland and Ireland, and has hundreds of stories to tell. Though I am not sure if they are stories of adventure or simply because he enjoys talking about himself.”

“Oh, that sounds very interesting. That is certainly the way to my heart, complete selfishness and arrogance. How did you know?”

Edward laughed. “It is just a hunch. I was thinking that you would end up finding your husband this spring, and therefore I will point out at least one man at every party that I believe will be your future husband, so I will guess right at some point, won’t I?”

“I see. You are playing the odds, very smart Edward. But you are starting to sound like my mother,” she said.

“Overly aggressive?” Edward said.

“No. Old.” 

They both laughed. Evelynn was very glad that she was able to speak with Edward at the top hour of the party, because it put her in good spirits almost immediately. She greatly enjoyed making fun of anything and everything with him at her side. It made for all the more fun. She did prefer the smaller gatherings to bigger events and especially if anyone was playing cards, because she was quite good at it. It brought out her competitive streak, and she was always happy to be able to mix playing games with socialising. Plus it gave the appearance to her mother that she was engaging with those around her in order to find a husband. 

“And what about you, sir? Any of these ladies catching your eye tonight? Should I introduce you?” Evelynn said. 

“I doubt I shall ever find an eligible woman that takes my interest. Could there be a woman that truly gets me, maybe one as smart as you? I dare say that it shall be very hard indeed to find such a woman that is not already taken.” Edward said.

“Well I won’t argue with that sir. I am one of a kind am I not?” Evelynn teased. She scanned the room, looking for someone that might catch the interest of her friend, for she did want to see him happy in life. But as she looked around the room, she saw that her mother was looking directly at her and her look was not a happy one. Evelynn already knew what she was thinking, that she was wasting time standing with her friend instead of mingling about.

“Oh no, I have been spotted. We need to move about the room,” she said to Edward maintaining her smile.

“Should we move to the other table on the other side of the room then?” Edward said, being just as silly as possible.

“I think that sounds like a good plan, and we shall say hello to whoever crosses our path so that my mother might think I am making an effort.”

“Very well, then that is what we shall do.”

Edward once again put his arm out for her to take it and they walked across the party, stopping to say hello to people here and there. 

“Ah, Admiral Jefferson, delightful to see you again,” Edward said to a man that stepped toward them.

“And you Mr. Stevens. Such a delight,” Jefferson said to him and they each gave a bow.

“Allow me to introduce my friend, Miss Evelynn James,” Edward said.

“Admiral, it is very good to meet you,” she said with a curtsy.

“And you miss. What a very pretty dress,” the Admiral said with a bow.

“Thank you sir, I have noticed that many ladies are dressed in silk this evening, tell me have you been to China?”

The Admirals face lit up. “Indeed I have ma’am, but during the summer when I was aboard the deck of a merchant ship. Lord knows I miss the days of those adventures, such a grand and beautiful place China is. Why the ports are bustling with millions of people and they have all kinds of materials and ancient relics. I daresay the antiquities alone could take an entire afternoon to look at in the market.”

“That sounds absolutely wonderful. You are very lucky and I wish to one day be as lucky as you to see such sights of the world. China sounds wonderfully exotic,” she said.

“Indeed it is ma’am. Have you been abroad yourself?” He asked.

“I have sir, but simply the tour of Europe as is tradition. Nothing exotic like India, the West Indies, or China for that matter.”

“Or Japan, I dare say they do not allow us to enter their country, but I believe that that will change in a few years, it might take fifty years, but it will be done. They have wonders for the eyes to see. Such a mystical people with their Samurai Warriors,” the Admiral said.

“I have read of the Samurai sir, I would love to know more. As you see I only know what I read in books, and as you said they are not good to outsiders therefore there is very limited information,” she said.

“I daresay Mr. Stevens, this must be the most intelligent woman I have ever met in my life. You are a lucky man,” the Admiral said.

“I agree with you sir, she is the most intelligent woman of my acquaintance. But do not let me lead you on in the wrong idea, for Miss James and I are simply very good friends. We are not engaged and it would take a very intelligent man in order to conquer her heart.”

“Yes, I can see that. Oh, pray excuse me as I see that the General has nodded for me to join him at the card table,” the Admiral said with a bow.

Evelynn gave him a curtsy and Edward a bow, as the Admiral walked away.

“I dare say what an exciting life the Admiral must have. How I wish I could be a man and run away to the navy,” Evelynn said.

“Well it is not all grand adventure. It can be quite lonely on a ship, and these men that leave their wives and children behind for years at a time, there is a downside to adventure, Miss James, make no mistake about that. It is wrong to leave a wife in such a manner and expect her to be without the love and attention of a man for years at a time.”

“Well, you have a very strong opinion on the subject,” she said to him.

“Yes, well it is nothing more than merely an opinion,” he said. 

Evelynn wanted to ask more but upon seeing another glaring look from her mother, the two friends once again stepped to the refreshment table. They did not make it all the way before there was an invitation aimed in the direction of Evelynn. 

“Miss James, Mr. Stevens very good to see you both.” Mr. Larson greeted them.

“And to you too Mr. Larson, how do you do?” Edward said.

“Very well, I was just about to sit down to a game of cards at this table, but as you can see it is just my friend and I. Would either of you care to join?”

Evelynn looked at the table that he was referring to. She was astonished to see that the tall man with the blue eyes was standing next to the table, looking at Mr. Larson. He was waiting for him to join him at the table. This man did not have a smile on his face; in fact he looked rather unamused by anything around him, including those in attendance at this party. But Evelynn was intrigued; this was her chance to find out who this mysterious man was.

“I would be delighted Mr. Larson. That is, if Mr. Stevens is obliged to part with my company for a while,” she said raising a brow at Edward who restrained a smile in return.

“I believe that I can as difficult as that may be, I see my friend has just arrived and I have business to speak with him,” Edward said. He gave them both a bow and walked away.

“Shall we?” She said. She then took Mr. Larson’s arm, and allowed him to escort her across the room to the gaming table. 

“Miss James, please allow me to introduce you to my friend, Mr. Robert Christopher,” Mr. Larson said.  Evelynn took note of his name as the gentleman bowed to her. She gave him a curtsy and said, “Mr. Christopher.”

“Shall we sit?” Mr. Christopher said.

Mr. Larson pulled out Evelynn’s chair, so that she could take a seat. She sat directly across from Mr. Robert, and could already tell a little bit about his character in the few seconds of speaking with him. It was the fact that he was not speaking at all that let her know that he was not a man that prattled on and on about things. He seemed to be very quiet and focused. She took the opportunity to look at him now that he was closer; indeed even up close he was very handsome. His eyes seemed to be bluer than when she was across the room from him. Even sitting in the chair he seemed very tall, and very elegant in his demeanor.

“We are playing hearts, if that is agreeable to you Miss James,” Mr. Larson said.

“Yes, I believe that I can play with hearts,” she said. She was teasing of course, and Mr. Larson laughed enjoying the joke. But Mr. Christopher did not laugh; he simply stared at her with a most focused stare that it made her blush.

“And how often do you play hearts?” Mr. Robert Christopher asked. 

“Not that often, sir,” she said, knowing that he was trying to gauge her level of play, and of course she lied about it.

They began to play the first round, and Evelynn found it hard to concentrate with the gaze of Mr. Christopher penetrating through her. Indeed the room felt quiet warm, but despite this distraction, she won the first round. 

“Very good Miss James,” Mr. Larson said.

She looked at Mr. Christopher just in time to see his lip curl up on the side into a charming side grin, making him look even more attractive, if that was possible. But he stayed silent, which made her even more uncomfortable, for Evelynn was used to witty banter, but looks of flirtatious silence tended to be filled with more heat than banter.

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